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Jasic EVO MIG 200 PFC Inverter Welder | EVO 2.0 SERIES

£1,015.00 ex VAT

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  • Current Range: 10 – 200A
  • 230V or 110V


Jasic EVO MIG 200 PFC – EVO 2.0 SERIES

The Jasic EVO MIG 200 PFC (EM-200C) forms part of the EVO 2.0 series welding inverters.  Designed as an uprated model of the very popular Jasic PRO series, the EVO MIG 200 has a stronger casing and a large LED screen with synergic setup as standard as well as a number of other exclusive features.  Still, the excellent Jasic build quality, weld quality, warranty, after-sales, and reliability.

Supplied with a Jasic EVO colour-coded MIG torch, Argon regulator, Gas hose and Earth return lead.


MB15 Torch Spares Kit (Spare Tips, Shrouds and a tip adaptor), Anti Spatter spray, Tip Dip, 5KG Spool of SG2 (Mild Steel) MIG Wire, Red Leather Gauntlets and MIG helper pliers (Total value of £48.26 + VAT)


The key differences between the EVO MIG and the PRO range are as follows:

  • Even stronger robust casing with an aggressive look
  • Large robust LED screen displaying settings that are clearly viewable from a distance
  • Synergic set up as standard.  Enter material thickness, wire size, and material and the machine will set parameters to suit.
  • Interior LED light to illuminate the interior of the wire feed cabinet – see what you are doing.
  • Handy storage rack inside the wire feed cabinet to house spare rollers and tips.
  • Auto sleep mode where the machine will power down when not being used for excellent electrical efficiency
  • Fan on demand – reduces noise and energy consumption, where fan will only kick in when required.
  • EVO designed air passage for the effective cooling of components without introducing dust ingress into the workings of the machine.

Jasic MIG 200 PFC EVO 2.0 Series MIG Welder


One of the main features of the EM-200C Jasic EVO compared to the PRO range is the large screen designed to be user-friendly and clear to see.

2 knobs and a series of buttons control the machine settings

Buttons on the left hand side of the screen from top to bottom:

  • Remote control
  • Syn: Synergic mode – This allows the user to dial in the material / gas being used by cycling through the 2 black buttons on the left side oft the bottom of the screen.  The next button along the bottom selects wire size.  The top knob can be pressed to cycle through amps, wire feed speed and material thickness.
  • Wire inching button – to activate the wire feed motor without gas to feed wire through the torch when replacing a spool
  • Gas purge – to ensure gas exiting the torch is shielding gas.

Buttons along the bottom from left to right:

  • Green button: Choose the welding process between MIG/MAG, MMA (Stick) and Lift TIG.
  • Up button: Cycles upwards through material type and gas type
  • Down button: Cycles downwards through material type and gas type for use in synergic setup.
  • Up/down button:  Cycles through MIG wire diameters for use in Synergic setup.
  • Up/down button:  Choose from 2T and 4T Trigger operation.  2T for press to start and hold and 4T for press to start the weld and press again to stop.
  • Up/down button: Choose from a standard MIG torch or spool on gun.  The spool gun setting would require the use of the optional Jasic spool gun available separately.


Other Features
  •  Rugged, ergonomic design
  •  ClearVision technology – easy to navigate and read control panel.
  •  Intelligent synergic control – input material type and thickness and the machine will set itself for the job.  Voltage and wire feed speed is adjustable to tweak should it be required.
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC) allows mains input of between 95 and 265V.
  • Can be used on 110V and 230V power supplies (auto sensing) and deals with long extension cables where voltage drop may occur.
  •  Welding engineer mode – Allows the user to make changes to machine parameters or synergic curves
  •  Smart Lift TIG – Controls the short circuit at the start of the weld to avoid tungsten contamination and identifies accidental touchdowns to maintain welding.  Arc length cut-off eliminates arc wander.
  •  Consistent and efficient MIG spot welding performance
  •  Flexible remote control solutions (optional) – choose between a wireless remote control or a wired remote.
  • The optional wireless remote control adjusts wire feed speed, and voltage in non-synergic mode.  In synergic mode, the remote control can adjust welding current and voltage,
  •  Power factor correction (PFC) – energy efficient and runs well from extension cables or from poor mains supplies
  • Truly generator friendly
  •  Quick factory reset; auto sleep mode
  •  Compatible with MIG digital torch and spool gun
  •  LED inside wire feeder cabinet and a handy accessory storage slot
  •  ABAP: Active Balancing Air Passage – Effectively cools components for high duty cycles but keeps particulates from entering the circuitry (Improves machine lifespan)
  •  Fan on demand – Reduces noise and electrical consumption
  •  Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) – Safety feature
  •  Key power electronic component protection
  •  Overcurrent and overheat protection



Redefined Industrial Design & HMI
(human-machine interface)

  • Rugged, robust looks with ergonomic features
  • User-centric human-machine interface experience
  • Flexible remote control solutions

Solid Welding Performance

  • Smart Lift-TIG arc sensing technology
  • Consistent and efficient MIG spot welding performance
  • Intelligent synergic control

High Standards in Safety, Reliability, Sustainability

  • Power factor correction (PFC) for improved overall energy efficiency, generator friendliness
  • Auto sleep mode for reduced energy consumption
  • Smart gas for optimized shielding gas consumption


Supported by a 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Wilkinson Star, the UK importer/distributor of Jasic machines also offer component level repair both in and out of warranty time frames. In the unlikely event of a machine going wrong in the 5 year warranty period, Jasic UK will arrange, at its expense to collect and return the equipment for repair.  This is backed up by their certified ISO 9001 quality management system and a product range that fully complies with CE, RoHS, C-TICK, CSA and CCC standards.


Why buy Jasic?

  • Jasic machines are incredibly well equipped and represent excellent value for money
  • Built using highest quality components and IGBT’s
  • An industry leading 5 year extended warranty gives peace of mind
  • In house service work conducted by trained professionals in state-of-the-art facilities
  • Welding Inverters fully comply with all safety and quality standards
  • Each inverter goes through 42 rigorous test procedures to meet the highest possible standards
  • Huge investment in the R&D of welding inverters to ensure Jasic are at the forefront of development in the field
  • Free product training on all Jasic models provided at the Manchester welding academy
  • Validation of machines available, to comply to EN50504:2008 (Please ask)

Additional information

Weight 12.8 kg


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MMA Function

The Jasic EVO MIG 200 PFC also produces excellent weld characteristics when used in MMA and benefits from hot start ignition, anti-stick and arc force features:

  • Hot start ignition – easier arc starting in MMA mode with difficult to start electrodes and auto-compensation for voltage fluctuations.
  • Anti-Sticking function – reduces the welding current if a short circuit occurs during a weld
  • Self-adaptive arc force technology – maintains the optimum arc conditions during welding, even when using long cables.
Smart Lift TIG

The Jasic EVO MIG 200 PFC allows the user to DC TIG weld too.  Using a TIG torch with a valve to control shielding gas flow, the user can TIG weld mild and stainless steels.  Smart TIG reduces the short circuit current when the tungsten makes contact with the material.  By reducing the current, contamination of the electrode is minimal.  The current increases to the value set by the operator when the tungsten is lifted to the correct arc length.