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Jasic EVO Cut 45 Plasma Cutter with Air Compressor

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  • Clean Cut Up to 15mm
  • Single Phase
  • Weight: 26.5 Kg
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The Jasic EVO CUT 45 is the uprated version of the popular Jasic PRO cut 45 single phase plasma cutter.  The Jasic EVO plasma cutter has the added benefit of a modular attachable air compressor as well as a host of other key benefits.  Perfect for workshop, or site work, the EP-45SC can be used as a stand alone plasma cutter with its own air supply or the air compressor module can be connected to a stand alone compressed air supply.

Able to run from a 110 or 230V supply, the EVO CUT 45 is a versatile machine suited to both workshop or on site cutting.  The auto sensing wide voltage tolerance means it can run from power supplies of 95 – 265V, making it perfect for use on long extension cables where voltage drop may be an issue.

Supplied with a 6m PT-60 plasma torch and an earth return lead

  • Clean Cut up to 15mm in Carbon Steel (external air) or 12mm (integrated air compressor air)*
  • Severance Cut up to 25mm in Carbon steel (external air) or 20mm (integrated air compressor air)*
  • Mesh cutting function – Used for cutting mesh or metal with gaps. Eliminates the need for stop / start using the torch switch.

*Cutting capacities are quoted from running from a 230V supply.  Reduced cutting thicknesses are achievable when running from a 110V supply.


The key differences between the EVO Plasma and the PRO range are as follows:

  • Large user friendly digital interface
  • SurePlasma technology for consistent arc ignition performance with different torch lengths.  The machine calculates the optimum start conditions based on the torch length automatically
  • Tough metal case with aggressive looks
  • ABAP: Active Balancing Air Passage allows for air to pass through the machine to cool it down whilst minimising particle laden air ingress into the electrical componentry – increases machine lifespan
  • Fan on demand – Fan only kicks in when it is needed for quieter operation and increased energy efficiency.
  • Auto sleep mode – When not used for a set period, the machine will go to sleep to save power.  A quick press of a button will power it up again.
  • Modular integrated air compressor – plug it in and cut.  No need for an external air supply.

Jasic EVO CUT 45 Plasma Cutter Integrated Air Compressor Specs

The EVO, user friendly interface clearly displays the set amperage which can be seen from a distance even in bright light.  The EVO Cut 45 also benefits from the Power Factor Correction (PFC) feature that provides energy saving benefits when Plasma Cutting.  PFC offers substantial energy savings when compared to other non equipped Plasma Cutting Machines.


This handy little cutter, comes with a PT60 plasma torch which delivers excellent cutting characteristics and is connected by a universal euro connector.  Consumables for this torch are widely available and hence can be obtained cost effectively, unlike cheaper machines that come with non-universal plasma cutting torches.  A work return lead and clamp are also included in the package.

The Jasic EVO Cut 45 benefits from 2T and 4T functionality so the user is offered more dexterity and decreased fatigue during the cut producing cleaner and more accurate results.  In 2T, press the button to cut and release to stop the cut.  In 4T, press the button on the torch to start the cut, release, then press the button again to stop cutting.



Jasic have confidence in their products and it shows!  As with all Jasics, this machine comes with a market leading 5 year warranty.  This is backed up by their certified ISO 9001 quality management system and a product range that fully complies with CE, RoHS, C-TICK, CSA and CCC standards.

Jasic Compliance


Supported by a 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

In the unlikely event of a breakdown in the 5 year warranty period, we would arrange for a collection of the machine from your premises at no cost to you.  Subject to warranty inspection, the machine would then be repaired and sent back.  Turn around times with Jasic equipment is very fast and parts availability in the UK is some of the best out there.


Air Requirements

The EVO Cut 45 benefits from an integrated air compressor and will perform the cutting thicknesses as shown in the specification table above.  You can also disconnect the modular air compressor and supply air externally, from a stand alone air compressor, which will increase cutting thicknesses and cutting speeds.  To achieve this, the external air source would need an output of 170 Litres per Minute at 4.5 bar for the duration of your cutting. Please ensure your compressor can run this, if not, we are able to supply an air compressor at a very competitive price.


Add a spare consumables pack using the above dropdown menu:  Pack contains 5 x back striking electrodes, 10 x 1.1mm flat plasma cutting tips, spare gas distributor, spare 6 hole shield cup and a spare double pointed spacer – worth over £80


Torch spares for the EVO Cut 45 are also listed elsewhere on the site, see the related items section below.

Additional information

Add Spare Consumables Pack:

Machine Only, With Spares Pack (+£50)


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