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Jasic Air Compressor and Plasma Cut 80 Package

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  • Clean Cut Up to 25mm
  • Three Phase
  • Compressor Included



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The Jasic Pure Air Plasma Packages are new for 2017.  It’s now possible to buy a quality Jasic Plasma Cutter with the new Jasic air compressor, complete with all the fixtures and fittings to get up and running straight away.  Included in this particular package is the Jasic Cut 80 Plasma Cutting Machine and the new 3HP 100Ltr Portable Compressor also by Jasic.  Another nice feature of this package is the included air distribution panel which incorporates both an air filter and regulator, perfect if using pressure sensitive air tools too.


PACKAGE CONTENTS:  Jasic Cut 80 plasma cutter complete with torch, Jasic air compressor, 5 meter air hose, connectors and plasma pack (containing spare torch consumables)


The Jasic Plasma Cut 80 is a 3 phase machine offering genuine clean cut capabilities of 25mm and severance of 30mm.  The Jasic Cut 80 is an 80 amp machine equipped with IGBT technology. Equipped with Pulse Width Modulation Technology and high powered IGBT components enabling cutting capacities that are genuine to the claims.  This machine is a professional high-end cutting inverter which is extremely user-friendly and gives reliable cutting performance.

The Cut 80 benefits from the Power Factor Correction (PFC) feature that provides energy saving benefits when Plasma Cutting.  PFC offers substantial energy savings when compared to other non equipped Plasma Cutting Machines.

This handy little cutter, comes with an industry standard plasma torch which delivers excellent cutting characteristics and is interchangeable if required.  Consumables for this torch are widely available and hence can be obtained cost effectively, unlike cheaper machines that come with non-universal plasma cutting torches.  A work return lead and clamp are also included in the package.

Benefitting from 2T and 4T functionality the Jasic Plasma Cut 80 offers the user more dexterity and decreased fatigue during the cut producing cleaner and more accurate results.  In 2T, press the button to cut and release to stop the cut.  In 4T, press the button on the torch to start the cut, release, then press the button again to stop cutting.

Jasic have confidence in their products and it shows!  As with all Jasics, this machine comes with a market leading 5 year warranty.  This is backed up by their certified ISO 9001 quality management system and a product range that fully complies with CE, RoHS, C-TICK, CSA and CCC standards.  Backed up Wilkinson Star in the UK – A company which has the best customer service out there in our opinion.


Key Features
IGBT Plasma Inverter
Light weight and highly portable Plasma Cutter, weighing just 14.5 Kg
Variable Cutting Control
Smooth Precise Cutting meaning less clean up of the cut
LED Control Display


Input voltage (Three Phase) 415V – 50/60 Hz
Input Power (kVA) 12
Recommended Input Fuse 25 Amps
Current Range (A) 20 – 80
Duty Cycle @ 40% 80 Amps
Cutting Capacity (Clean Cut) 25mm
Cutting Capacity (Severance Cut) 30mm
Power Factor 0.7
Protection/Insulation Class IP21S/F
Compressed Air Requirement 200 Ltr/Min @ 5 Bar
Dimensions (mm) 540 x 250 x 380
Weight (Kg) 15



A single phase, 3HP 100L air compressor, delivering 13.2 CFM displacement built and tested to European standards in the Jasic UK factory in Manchester.


Key Features

  • Twin cylinder pumps – minimising strain on the motor (Longer life expectancy!)
  • Slow running pump also reduces engine strain and minimises noise
  • Fitted aftercoolers
  • Cast iron cylinder blocks
  • Automatic stop/start controls
  • Industrial grade motors with overload protection
  • Aerodynamic flywheels for efficient cooling
  • Full back up by the industry leading Wilkinson Star aftersales staff
  • 2 Pressure gauges – Tank and regulated pressure
  • 2 Quick release couplings on outlet
  • Air receivers built to latest European standards


Input Voltage AC 230V – 50/60 Hz
Motor HP 3HP
CFM Displacement 13.2
Max Pressure 10 Bar
Air Receiver 100 Ltr


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