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Jasic 5 Pin Switch Plug for Jasic TIG Machines

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  • 5 Pin TIG Switch Plug
  • TIG Torch Spare
  • HF Plug
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5 Pin switch plug for TIG Torches and foot controls to fit these Jasic TIG Machines:

  • Jasic 200P AC/DC Inverter Welder Mini Digital
  • Jasic TIG 500P AC/DC Pulse Digital
  • Jasic TIG 200 Pulse PFC Inverter Welder
  • Jasic TIG 400 Pulse inverter


These are the HF plug to fit Jasic TIG welding machines with a 5 pin socket.  They fit onto the switch cable of a TIG torch or foot control and plug into the front of the machine.  The pins on the plug control trigger on/off and if required – potentiometer max and min as well as the wiper.


Simply solder on the switch wires of your switched TIG torch to the pins and away you go.


If you are unsure on which Jasic TIG plug you need or which pins to connect, feel free to let us know.  We also supply the 2 pin plugs for the older and DC Jasic TIGs or 9 pin Jasic plugs which fit the newer model TIG inverters.