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Inflatable Purge Dam Kit

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  • 2″ to 36″
  • Inflatable Bung Kit
  • Pipe Purging
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Inflatable Pipe Purge System

An inflatable purge dam system, perfect for the back purging of small bore pipe and tube.  A connecting pipe separates 2 heat resistant inflatables which can be pushed into a pipe before they are inflated, to leave an air tight space suitable for purging.

The system is connected to your inert gas purge line and the inflatables will automatically fill and create a seal, before opening a valve to fill the space between the dams with inert gas.  For ease, there is a single connection for both inflation and purging, decreasing set-up times.

The system can be pushed or pulled into position, even around bends before inflation.  A luminous strip located between the connection between dams is easily located through the root gap for perfect centreing of the system.

A professional solution for back purging of stainless steel, duplex and other alloy pipework to ensure shiny, oxide free weld roots.

Lower gas volumes are required resulting in cost savings.
Modular construction for easy storage and cost effective part replacement.

Key Features
  • Inflatable purge dam for purging small bore pipe and tube
  • Heat Resistant up to 250 Degrees C.
  • Available in sizes 50mm to 900mm (25mm increments)
  • Easily pushed or pulled into position
  • Pre-set purge valves
  • Lower gas volumes required resulting in cost savings
  • Shorter purge times reducing waiting time between welds
  • Easy to use Plug and Purge Technology
  • Luminous strip for easy centring at the pipe joint
  • Lightweight and collapsible for easy storage
  • Single point gas connection for inflation and purging.
  • Patented design
  • Available in standard, Oil resistant and heat resistant materials
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Sizes available:- 50mm – 900mm (25mm increments)
  • 2” – 36” (1” increments)


Why Back Purge

When welding, a shielding gas is used to protect the molten weld pool from the atmosphere. If welding a joint though, the shielding gas from the torch is not shielding the back of the weld.  The rear of the weld can then allow entry of the air, creating contamination.  This contamination can then lead to decreased weld strength and decreased anti corrosive properties within the solidified weld.  By creating an oxygen-free environment on the backside of the weld, back purging prevents oxidation, maintains the inherent properties of the parent material, and ensures the longevity and reliability of welded components. Furthermore, effective back purging ensures that the welded joint retains its corrosion-resistant properties, making it suitable for applications where maintaining hygiene and preventing contamination is critical.  Real world examples of where back purging is critical is in Stainless Steel car exhaust systems as well as sanitary pipework used to carry food or drink.


Patented Design. Manufactured in the UK.



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2" (50mm), 3" (75mm), 4" (100mm), 5" (125mm), 6" (150mm), 7" (175mm), 8" (200mm), 9" (225mm), 10" (250mm), 11" (275mm), 12" (300mm), 13" (325mm), 14" (350mm), 15" (375mm), 16" (400mm), 17" (425mm), 18" (450mm), 19" (475mm), 20" (500mm), 21" (525mm), 22" (550mm), 23" (575mm), 24" (600mm), 25" (625mm), 26" (650mm), 27" (675mm), 28" (700mm), 29" (725mm), 30" (750mm), 31" (775mm), 32" (800mm), 33" (825mm), 34" (850mm), 35" (875mm), 36" (900mm)


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