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Hypertherm Powermax 30 AIR Plasma Torch Nozzle (Pack 5) – 420134

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  • T AIR Plasma Torch nozzles (x5)
  • Consumable – 30 AIR
  • Genuine Hypertherm



A pack of 5 genuine Hypertherm plasma torch nozzles for the T AIR torch as used with the Powermax 30 AIR plasma cutter.

This nozzle, part number 420134 is one of the most commonly changed parts when using a plasma torch.  The nozzle focuses the plasma arc by funneling gas flow.  The nozzle or cutting tip orifice should be clean, symmetrical and the correct size to maintain cutting performance.  As the tip or nozzle orifice is worn away with normal cutting applications, the arc will get wider and less defined.  You may find the kerf of the cut increases.  A less concentrated arc will also reduce cutting speeds.


WHEN TO REPLACE:  Changeover of this consumable should be performed when the orifice becomes damaged, the edges round off and mis-shapening.  Failure to change these can result in poor cutting performance.  Hypertherm have produced a video on when to change nozzles.


The 420134 nozzle is for use when drag cutting between 15 and 30A.

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3. Electrodes (Pack of 5), 4. Gas distributor, 5. Cutting tips 1.1mm (Pack of 10), 11. Retaining cap, 12. Double pointed spacer