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Hypertherm Powermax 30 AIR Plasma Torch Electrode (Pack 5) – 420132

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  • T AIR Plasma Torch electrodes (x5)
  • Consumable – 30 AIR
  • Genuine Hypertherm



A pack of 5 genuine Hypertherm plasma torch electrodes for the T AIR torch as used with the Powermax 30 AIR plasma cutter.

This electrode, part number 420132 is one of the most commonly changed parts when using a plasma torch.  The electrode provides power to the plasma arc.  An insert at the tip of the electrode is made from a material with a very high melting point, such as Hafnium.  As the electrode wears, the insert will slowly erode away, forming a small hole in the electrode tip.


WHEN TO REPLACE:  Hypertherm recommend changing the electrode once the pit in the tip reaches approx 1mm in depth.  Failure to replace an electrode can cause a blowout which will damage both the electrode and nozzle.  If you need to slow down the cutting speed, are experiencing green discolouration of the arc or the arc is misfiring it is time to change the electrode.  Hypertherms video guide on electrode lifespans, can be found here.


The 420132 electrode is for use when drag cutting between 15 and 30A.

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3. Electrodes (Pack of 5), 4. Gas distributor, 5. Cutting tips 1.1mm (Pack of 10), 11. Retaining cap, 12. Double pointed spacer