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Honeywell North Prota Baby Shell Helmet

£39.50 ex VAT

Further Reductions Available On Request 01276 505012

  • Pipeliner
  • Vulcanised Rubber Construction
  • Flip Front



A high quality welding helmet shell, made of vulcanised fibres for maximum protection and minimal weight.  The Honeywell North Prota Baby takes a standard 4 1/4″ x 2″ lens (not included).  Its cut away design ensures that the helmet is close fitting and allows the user to get in tight spaces.  Popular with pipe fitters, the helmet is made to be ultra robust, lightweight and compact too.

A passive welding helmet differs from an auto darkening shield, where the user is required to flip the helmet down before initiating the arc.

Protecting your eyes is a vitally important aspect of safety during welding.  The arc created during the welding process can cause permanent damage to your eyes.  A passive, fixed shade helmet offers suitable protection for welding without the large price tag.


Unlike an auto darkening helmet, a passive helmet requires the user to flip the shaded lens down just before initiating the welding arc, which some welders prefer.  In the early days of welding, before reactive lenses were available, many welders would have used a fixed shade welding shield.

A passive helmet also eliminates some issues that can be experienced with auto darkening helmets not reacting occasionally.  This can be due to the sensors being obstructed or ambient light effecting the reactivity.  A passive helmet is mostly always lighter too.


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