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H4 Propane Super Heating Nozzle

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  • H4 Heating Nozzle
  • Oxy Propane
  • 236,000 – 406,000 BTU
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A H4 propane super heating nozzle for use with a super heating neck on a type 5 HD shank or an NM cutting torch with a heating adaptor.  Sometimes called a pepperpot, these super heating nozzles are perfect for heating materials with oxy propane.

Can be used for pre heating for welding applications, brazing and heating for bending, forming or straightening metals.


Smaller size nozzles are often used for brazing or for applying hard-facing metal to large areas.

Key Features
  • Heating nozzle for oxy propane – Sometimes referred to as pepperpots
  • Heating BTU output 236,000 – 406,000



To fit a nozzle on an NM cutting torch, remove the head nut and install a NM heating nozzle adaptor before reinstalling nut.  Screw the propane heating nozzle onto the adaptor.  A higher heat output is achieved with an NM torch set up.

To fit to a heavy duty / type 5 shank:  Fit a type 5 propane heating mixer to the type 5 shank and a propane heating neck screws into the mixer.  The nozzle screws onto the end of the swan neck.


Other Information:
  • Hoses being used with the torch should be the correct type for the gas and fitted with check valves (non-return).  They are colour coded according to the gas they are designed for – orange for propane and blue for oxygen.
  • Flashback arrestors should be installed on the regulator side of the hose.
  • A nozzle should be inspected regularly to check for damage or obstructions.
  • A poorly maintained nozzle can cause turbulent gas flow and increases the risk of flashback.
  • Obstructions to the nozzle can be caused by dirt or spatter.
  • All our super heating nozzles are castellated for safety and may be touched down without fear of flame retraction / equipment damage.
  • Correct setting of these nozzles is vital to ensure the fuel is burnt correctly.
  • Avoid a soft flame, if you have too much heat change to a smaller size.


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