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GYSMATIC 5/13 XXL Air Fed Welding and Grinding Helmet

£399.00 ex VAT

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  • Air Fed – Helmet + Blower
  • Welding & Grinding
  • Auto darkening


GYSMATIC 5/13 XXL Air Fed Welding and Grinding Helmet

Made by GYS France, the GYSMATIC XXL welding helmet protects the users eyes from IR/UV light emitted during welding whilst providing clean air, filtering out welding fumes.

GYS Air Fed in use


  • A extra large viewing area of 100 x 83mm provides the user with a large field of vision.
  • Touch sensitive button (sensitivity / delay / shade / saved settings).
  • Possible to save up to 3 settings.
  • 4 arc sensors for improved performance.
  • TIG welding > 2 A.
  • 7 different shades (5>13) for all welding and cutting operations.



Blower unit protects the user against concentrated fumes and gas emissions generated in the welding and cutting processes.

  • FIlter class : TH2PRSL
  • Digital display for battery life and filter saturation state.
  • 3 air flow modes : 170 l/min, 200 l/min and 230 l/min.
  • The motor/filter pack is attached to a waist belt.
  • Alarm (Obstructed filter / low battery).
  • Up to 12 hour battery life (lithium battery), perfectly suited for extended welding sessions.
  • Compact and sturdy, fitted with a spark arrestor.
  • Large carrying bag for the helmet and its respiratory unit.


Supplied with the following items:

  • GYSMATIC 5.13 XXL welding helmet
  • The respiratory protection system (blower unit + filter + waist belt)
  • Lithium-ion battery + charger
  • Shoulder harness / air flow meter / carrying bag


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