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GYS Titanium 400 AC/DC TIG Welder

£4,400.00 ex VAT

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  • Current Range: 3 – 400A (DC)
  • Three Phase
  • Weight: 43 Kg



The GYS TITANIUM 400 AC/DC is a high-performance TIG AC/DC generator (400 A to 60%) designed to offer a wide choice of welding processes (TIG AC, DC, MMA). It can be used to weld all types of materials; mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, titanium.

Also ideal for welding thin gauge, its Pulse mode reduces heat input and provides better arc control.

Intuitive and highly functional, its digital interface allows you to change welding parameters with ease.


  • DC Standard: DC welding on most ferrous materials.
  • DC Pulse: limits the heat input of the parts to be welded. Ideal for very thin sheets.
  • AC Standard: welding of aluminium and its alloys (Al, AlSi, AlMg, AlMn…).
  • AC Pulse: limits the heat input rise of the parts to be welded. Ideal for very thin sheets.
  • AC Mix: AC and DC current alternation accelerates productivity on aluminum assemblies.


gys titanium 400 ac dc welderADVANCED INTUITIVITY
  • New simplified HMI focused on the navigation habits of TIG welders – Simplified display.
  • Ideal for compliance with WPQR and WPS (EXPERT and ADVANCED).
  • Updatable machine and synergies via USB key.
  • Cooling unit (ref. 013537) and trolley (ref. 037328) optional.
  • Recording of 100 programs/jobs per process for repetitive tasks (can be saved on USB stick).
  • Remote control (optional pedal or manual) connectable without tools.
  • Intelligent ventilation management to reduce power consumption, dust extraction and substation noise.




4 tacking modes :

  • SPOT / SPOT DELAY : traditional tacking before welding thin sheet metal.
  • TACK / TACK DELAY : ultra-precise tacking and without oxidation reducing the risk of heat input. The points are invisible in the final weld bead.

2 types of start-up :

  • HF (without contact) or LIFT (with contact) for electro-sensitive environments.

3 trigger modes:

2T, 4T and 4T LOG Parameter setting of AC and Pulse waveforms, facilitating arc control and penetration while reducing noise level.

Automatic detection of the torch : compatible with trigger, double button and potentiometer torches.


  • Simplified mode which offers automatic configuration of welding parameters tailored to the users’ requirements.
  • Simply enter 4 settings: • metal • assembly type • electrode diameter • thickness of the metal to weld.
  • E-TIG mode: ensures a constant bead width and penetration, regardless of the torch’s position in relation to the part (welding energy control).

Full control of all settings for experienced welders to tweak for different welding requirements.

  • MMA: coated, rutile, basic and cellulosic electrodes (up to Ø 8 mm).
  • MMA AC: allows welding without magnetic disturbance of the arc.
  • MMA Pulse: developed for welding in an upright vertical position.

Calibration mode of welding accessories, to adjust the measurement of the voltage and improves the calculation of the energy.

ENERGY mode, display and calculation energy after welding according to the standards EN1011-1, ISO/TR 18491 and QW-409.

Portability: load/backup user JOBs and machine configuration from a USB key.

Traceability: Trace/record all welding steps, bead by bead, during industrial manufacturing according to EN 3834.



Package Includes: Inverter power source, operating instructions.

Not Included: Regulator, TIG torch, MMA electrode holder lead, Mains plug, Electrodes, Shielding gas, Filler wire, PPE (Welding helmet, gloves, etc) – Available from TBWS  – please ask.  Many of the TIG consumables suitable for this machine are listed below.




50 / 60HZ Supply TIG AC TIG DC MMA Pulse Cable plug size Duty Cycle Dimensions / Weight Generator requirements
400V 32A 5 – 400A 3 – 400A 5 – 400A 0.1 – 2500Hz (DC)

0.1 – 200Hz (AC)

70/95 400A @60%

360A @ 100%

68 x 80 x 54cm/ 43kg 30kVA



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