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GYS TIG 220 AC/DC TIG Welder

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  • Current Range: 10 – 220A
  • Single Phase 110/230V
  • Weight: 22 Kg



A 110/230V AC/DC TIG welding inverter, the GYS TIG 220 AC/DC is a professional TIG welding inverter.  Synergic programs stored in the welding machine memory allow the user to dial in optimum settings based on electrode diameter, material and material thickness.  A trim then allows the user to fine tune parameters.

The GYS TIG 220 AC/DC is an industrial TIG inverter featuring a high duty cycle and excellent arc characteristics on steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium alloys.  Manufactured in France these machines are also supplied with a 2 year warranty.



  • 5.7” TFT display screen offering large information readability : current, thickness, welding mode, etc.
  • 2 control knobs to easily navigate through the different menus.


  • Simplified mode which offers automatic configuration of welding parameters tailored to the users’ requirements.
  • Simply enter 4 settings: • metal • assembly type • electrode diameter • thickness of the metal to weld.


Full control of all settings for experienced welders to tweak for different welding requirements.  A memory of parameters can be set for easy recall for repeat welding applications.


AC TIG Wave Forms

  • Rectangular waves : Hard, dynamic and directive arc for a stable weld pool
  • Sinusoidal waves : Smooth soft arc with limited noise arc
  • Trapezoid waves : An optimised waveform to give a dynamic arc with low arc noise
  • Triangular waves : Narrow concentrated arc with high penetration
  • TIG AC MIX Mode : It mixes DC and AC sequences whilst welding in order to increase travel speed on aluminium sheets.

Other Features

  • Flexible Voltage – Machine can run on 110V and 230V power sources.  Perfect for on site welding
  • Power Factor Correction – PFC technology allows the machine to be used on long extension leads without a drop in performance.
  • Generator friendly
  • Anti dust corridor – Fan cooling system stops metallic dust from being blown onto electronic circuit boards protecting against premature board failure.
  • Pulse mode adjustability –  Allows the user to refine pulse frequency to control heat into the weld and minimise heat distortion.
  • Arc starting options – High frequency (HF) start for non contaminated welds and maximum tungsten electrode life span.  Lift TIG possible for instances where HF may affect electronics (such as cars etc).
  • Tack spot mode – Fast tack mode with no oxidation


The machine benefits from 2T and 4T functionality so the user is offered more dexterity and decreased fatigue during welding producing cleaner and more accurate results. In 2T, press the button to begin the weld and release to stop. In 4T, press the button on the torch to start the weld, release, then press the button again to stop.


Package Includes: Inverter power source, operating instructions.

Not Included: Regulator, TIG torch, Water cooler, MMA electrode holder lead, Mains plug, Electrodes, Shielding gas, Filler wire, PPE (Welding helmet, gloves, etc) – Available from TBWS  – please ask.  Many of the TIG consumables suitable for this machine are listed below.





Model GYS TIG 220 AC/DC
Amps range – TIG 5 – 220 (230V)           5 – 140 (110V)
TIG duty cycle @ 60% (40ºC) 185A AC

175A DC (230V)        140A (110V)

MMA duty cycle @ 60% (40ºC) 160A (230V)              140A (110V)
Input fuse- 16A (230V)                 32A (110V)
Min generator size 7kW
Pulse 0.1 – 2500Hz (DC)

0.1 – 2Hz (AC)

Dimensions 615 x 460 x 350mm
AC Frequency 20-200
Approx. weight 22kg


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