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GYS TIG 200L AC/DC Dual Voltage Water Cooled TIG Welder

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  • Current Range: 10 – 200A
  • Single Phase
  • Weight: 26 Kg



A single phase AC/DC TIG welding inverter, the GYS TIG 200L AC/DC is a water cooled 230v power source.

Professional results are possible when TIG welding steel, aluminium, stainless steel as well as alloy steel.  A multi function machine, the GYS TIG 200 can also be used to MMA weld steel, stainless steel, cast iron, rutile or basic electrodes.  MMA welding functionality includes hot start for easy arc starting, anti-stick and adjustable arc force.


An intuitive interface makes for ease of set up of parameters and a memory can store up to 5 settings for easy re-call.


The GYS TIG 200L AC/DC will function on a standard 230V -16A supply even during intensive use with long extension leads (100m).  Without PFC a machine like this would require a 32 amp supply.


AC and DC settings:

  • Pre-gas
  • Current increase
  • Intensity (1 or 2 intensities possible in 4T log mode)
  • Post-gas
  • Down slope.

Specific settings for AC:

  • Balance (20 – 60 %) cleaning / penetration
  • Frequency to localise the arc with precision (20 – 200 Hz)
  • Manual or automatic (AC Easy function)


  1. Easy Pulse Mode: The operator sets the average welding current.  The machine automatically adapts the frequency, the hot current and cold current.
  2. Normal Mode: The operator sets the hot and cold current as well as the frequency.


Aluminium TIG AC (10 – 200A)
Steel TIG DC (5 – 160A)
Steel MMA (10 – 160A)


The machine benefits from 2T and 4T functionality so the user is offered more dexterity and decreased fatigue during welding producing cleaner and more accurate results. In 2T, press the button to begin the weld and release to stop. In 4T, press the button on the torch to start the weld, release, then press the button again to stop.


Package Includes: Inverter power source, 4m WP20 Abicor Binzel SR 20 DB (double button/rocker) switch Tig torch, 2m MMA electrode holder lead, 2m earth return lead, consumables box (spare back caps, ceramics, collets and collet bodies), operating instructions.

Not Included: Regulator, Mains plug, Electrodes, Shielding gas, Filler wire, PPE (Welding helmet, gloves, etc) – Available from TBWS  – please ask.  Many of the TIG consumables suitable for this machine are listed below.


Key Features

  • High frequency (HF) start or lift TIG
  • 2T and 4T trigger action
  • Possibility to connect a simple or double button torch, with or without built-in potentiometer.
  • Front plug for foot control / pedal (optional)
  • Easy pulsed TIG – controlling an average current or manual control of pulse settings
  • TIG Spot – spot weld function





50 / 60HZ Supply TIG AC TIG DC MMA Duty Cycle Dimensions / Weight Generator requirements
230V 16A 10 – 200A 5 – 160A 10 – 160A 200A @13% 20 x 42 x 49 / 26kg 7.5kVA



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