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GYS PRO TIG 200 DC TIG Welder Package

£720.00 ex VAT

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  • Current Range: 10 – 200A
  • Single Phase 230V
  • Weight: 10 Kg



The GYS PRO TIG 200 is a heavy duty 200A single phase DC TIG welder with HF start and TIG pulse functionality, perfect for site work.  The robust power source can also be used for stick welding, including pulsed MMA, where pulse assists with positional welding.

Supplied with a 4m 26 series TIG torch, a 2m MMA welding lead and 2m Earth return.

DC TIG allows the user to weld all ferrous metals, such as steel, stainless steel as well as copper and its alloys.


An intuitive control panel allows easy adjustment of pre-gas / post-gas, upslope time, welding current, hot / cold current, pulse frequency and downslope time.  Controls are via a simple touch button and turn knob interface which is well sealed against dust and moisture ingress.


In MMA mode, the PROTIG 200 is capable of welding steel, stainless steel, cast iron, rutile or basic electrodes.  All of this is possible straight out of the box!

A memory capability allows the user to store up to 10 pre-set programs, great for easy re-call of previously used settings.  An LCD display shows current/voltage during and after welding (WPS/PQR).



Arc starting in TIG: 

Choose between:

  • High frequency start to begin welding without touching the tungsten to the work piece for an uncontaminated start


  • LIFT TIG – In situations where nearby electrically sensitive equipment is present (ie welding modern cars).  Touch the tungsten electrode on the work piece and lift to start the arc.


Trigger Control

  • 2T – Press the torch button to begin and release to finish the weld.
  • 4T – Press torch button to start and press again to finish the weld.
  • 4T Log – Enables switching between 2 operator pre-set welding intensities (hot current and cold current) by a short press on the trigger.


Optimised DC TIG Welding

  • Secondary regulation: ensures optimum arc stability and constant current in all positions.
  • TIG DC Pulse : controls the temperature of the weld puddle, limiting deformation and thus allows the assembly of thin sheets from 0.3 mm.
  • SPOT : Fast and precise spot welding, ideal before welding thin sheet metal.
  • Automatic torch detection: compatible with latch torches and double button.


MMA Welding

Benefitting from the following features:

Arc force GYS


Adjustable Arc Force:  Instantaneous increase in welding current in difficult welding conditions.


GYS Anti sticking


Anti Sticking: Allows easier arc starting and helps prevent rod sticking to the material.


Hot start GYS


Hot Start: Makes it easier to arc with any type of metal (Low Hot Start: For thin metal sheets – high Hot Start for metals that are difficult to weld such as dirty or oxidized sheets)



  • Reinforced body and shockproof rubber pads on the corners.
  • Light (10 kg), compact and easy to move on-site.
  • Protected against overvoltage up to 400 V (PROTEC 400).


Amps range – TIG 10 – 200A
Amps range – MMA 10 – 160A
TIG duty cycle @ 60% (40ºC) 115A
Input fuse- 16A
Min generator size 10 kW
MMA duty cycle @ 60% (40ºC) 90A
Dimensions 430 x 330 x 210mm
Dinse plug size 35 – 50
Approx. weight 10 kg



Not Included: Regulator, Mains plug, Electrodes, Shielding gas, Filler wire, Foot Control, PPE (Welding helmet, gloves, etc) – Available from TBWS  – please ask.  Many of the TIG consumables suitable for this machine are listed below.


GYS are a French family firm started in 1964.  Having now expanded internationally, they have a large UK base in Rugby, UK which looks after warranty issues and distribution.


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