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GYS Powerduction 220LG Induction Heater

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  • 22000W Induction Heater
  • Made in France
  • Water Cooled
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The GYS Powerduction 220LG is a water cooled 22kW induction heater, perfect for safe localised heating of metal objects. The powerduction 220LG is the highest powered of the GYS induction heaters.  It is supplied on wheels with a 20 degree inductor head and a 6m lead.  Simply contact the inductor head with the part to be heated and control the heating input on the digital screen of the unit.  Made in France by automotive experts GYS, these induction heaters are suitable for HGV mechanical work, public works vehicles and agricultural machinery.

The 066861 Powerduction 220LG runs from a 400V 32A supply as well as being generator friendly (requiring 22kW).  It can heat M45 nuts to cherry red temperatures in 1 second, 4mm materials in 4 seconds and 10mm diameter bar in 5 seconds.  This localised heating is ideal for removing hard to shift nuts and bolts, pre-heating materials and heating materials ready for shaping on bending.


  • Heating Performance – A maximum 22 000W is adjustable in increments of 2200W.  The inductor head heats up the core of the metal, at a depth of 6mm.  The water cooling allows for continuous heating due to the efficient water cooling.  The heating action of the inductor brings pieces of steel to red hot temperatures as high as 1000ºC.
  • Safety – An induction heater directly heats metal objects immediately, without a flame.  The heating is localised and controllable so that it can be conducted near to cables, pipes or parts sensitive to heat.
  • Portable – Supplied on wheels for mobility around the workshop.  An upright arm and boom helps to support the cable and a removable handle assists with manipulation of the inductor



Perfect for numerous applications, including but not limited to:

  • Straightening out bent chassis (not HLE steel)
  • Releasing bolts and steering ball joints without damaging the rubber pads
  • Removing seized hub bearings
  • Removing exhaust systems
  • Annealing metal parts
  • Heating for bending
  • Brazing
  • Shrinkage



GYS 220LG Induction Heater


The full range of inductor heads are available here at TBWS.


The POWERDUCTION 220LG has an integrated, heating time management system and can be used to operate a temperature-control unit (optional extra: POWERDUCTION Heat Controller, P.N. 061644). It is fi tted with indispensable technologies that are essential for precisely controlling the heating process in order to obtain a result that meets all professional requirements.



GYS is a family owned company in France, Europe. Established in 1964, the company has now become a large worldwide concern in the design and manufacturing of welding machines, battery chargers and car body repair equipment.
GYS have a large UK base in Rugby, where all UK GYS machines are distributed from. This facility looks after UK warranties as well as technical after sales service.  The GYS range of induction heaters are backed by a 12 month warranty.

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