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GYS Multi Pearl 211-4 MIG Welder Multi-Process inverter

£1,326.00 ex VAT

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  • Current Range: 20 – 200A
  • Single Phase 16A
  • Weight: 27 Kg



Bigger brother of the GYS Multi Pearl 210-4 XL, the 211-4 is a larger machine, on wheels / casters, perfect for workshop use.  A rear shelf allows safe stowage of a gas bottle.

The GYS Multi pearl 211 is capable of running 5 and 15kg wire spools and an industrial 4 roll wire feed also assists with consistent wire feed speed.  A 4 roll wire feeder is also beneficial with feeding aluminium MIG wires and for running longer torches, where more rollers equal better grip.


Popular in the automotive industry, the GYS Multi-pearl is a synergic MIG welding machine with pre-set optimum welding parameters.  Simply select material type, wire diameter, welding position and material thickness and the Multi pearl will dial in optimum settings for the perfect weld.  A trim feature then allows the user to fine tune the settings as required.  Prefer manual settings?  No problem, set machine to manual mode to set machine as you would like.

Extremely compact, these machines are excellent for workshop and garage use.


Advanced inverter technology allows 3 processes from one machine:

MIG/MAG –  The MULTIPEARL 200-4 XL is suitable for 5kg to 15Kg wire reels

An industrial wire feed motor drives 4 rollers to ensure consistent wire feed speeds

Welding current from 20 to 200A (135A at 60%).

The MIG-MAG process can be used in manual or Synergic mode.

TIG –            Capable of lift TIG welding.  Simply touch tungsten to workpiece and lift to begin

Welding current from 10 to 200A (115A at 60%)

Connect to a euro connecting TIG torch to make use of the machines automatic shielding gas system with adjustable post gas and downslope.

MMA –          Stick welding possible using the included electrode holder lead

Capable of welding any type of electrodes except Aluminium and Cellulosic up to Ø5mm, this machine is perfect for stick welding.

Hot start, arc force and anti sticking make stick welding easier and both are adjustable from 0 – 100%


Wire speed and voltage are automatically adjusted when the following settings are inputted:

  • Wire type and diameter
  • Thickness of metal to weld
  • Gas used
  • Welding position

Trim both wire speed and arc length as required.

GYS Multi Pearl - Synergic programs


  • LCD screen clearly displays weld settings and makes for easy adjustment
  • PFC – Power factor correction technology ensures efficiency of the machine to offer a 30% energy saving
  • Flexible voltage enables the machine to run on a power supply from 85V to 265V
  • Combining these two technologies makes the device suitable for using an extension lead up to 100m.
  • Tested in the factory against overvoltage up to 400V.
  • Generator friendly (when used with a generator of suitable size and spec – see below)
  • Suitable for 0.6 – 1.0mm wire sizes and 0.9 – 1.2mm gasless wire


GYS Multi pearl LCD screen

SUPPLIED WITH:  Power source with euro connecting 3m genuine Binzel MIG torch, 2.5m work return lead, 2m MMA electrode holder lead and operating instructions

Rollers supplied:  0.6 – 0.8mm

Torch set up for 0.8mm


Input Supply 50/60Hz Fuse amps Amperage range MMA Amperage range TIG Amperage range MIG 60% Duty Cycle Duty Cycle Dimensions / Weight Generator requirements (+/-15%)




30 – 130A

20 – 200A

20 – 180A

20 – 200A

20 – 150A

20 – 200A



150A @22%

200A @ 20%

41 x 73 x 77 cm / 27kg 7.5kW 9kVA



GYS is a family run company with its main factory in France.  The Multi pearl range is manufactured in France.



All GYS machines come with a 2 year warranty which is upheld by their large UK headquarters now situated in Rugby.


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