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GYS MONOGYS 250-4 CS | Transformer-based 240V Synergic MIG

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  • Current Range: 40 – 250
  • Single Phase 25A
  • Weight: 83.5Kg
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GYS MONOGYS 250-4 CS | Single Phase 250A MIG Transformer

The GYS MONOGYS 250-4 CS is a 240V, 250 amp, Single-phase MIG “Traditional” Transformer welder. Fitted with a 4 roll wire feed system for reliable wire feeding making it perfect for aluminium wire and thinner gauge wires. Semi-automatic synergic program available from the simple and intuitive control panel. Controlled by an inbuilt microprocessor.

The machine can quickly and easily work out the optimum wire speed automatically, avoiding a complicated set-up process. Ensures optimum results in your welds without being interrupted.

Able to work with MIG Wire spools of 5 and 15KG in size.

Synergic programming

Wire speed and voltage are automatically adjusted when the following settings are inputted:

  • Wire type and diameter
  • Thickness of metal to weld
  • Gas used
  • Welding position

Trim both wire speed and arc length as required.


  • 2T: 2 stroke welding.
  • 4T: 4 stroke welding, to weld during a long period without constantly pressing the trigger.
  • Spot: for plug welding.


Included in the package:
  • 1 x Torch 250 A (MB25) 3 metre
  • 1 x Earth Clamp
Input Supply 50/60Hz Fuse amps Amperage range Voltage steps Max. Wire feed speed 60% Duty Cycle Duty Cycle Dimensions / Weight Generator requirements (+/-15%)
230V 40A 40 – 250A 8 20m/min 155A 250A @ 15% 76 x 78 x 47cm / 83.5kg 9kW




All GYS machines come with a 2 year warranty which is upheld by their large UK headquarters now situated in Rugby.