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GYS GYSMATIC 5/13 XL Truecolor Auto Darkening Helmet

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  • True Colour Auto Darkening
  • Fully Variable 5 – 9 & 9 – 13
  • Weight: 590g
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GYS GYSMATIC 5/13 XL Truecolor Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The GYS GYSMATIC 5/13 XL Truecolor Auto Darkening Helmet is a true colour equipped auto darkening helmet with a large viewing area.  With adjustable shades from DIN 5 to 13, it is equally suited to high amp MIG welding as it is to very low amp TIG welding too.  4 Arc senses and quick switching speeds offers peace of mind that your eyes will be well protected from UV of the welding arc.


Fully automatic switching from light to dark mode in a fraction of a second (0.08ms to be precise). This speed and sensitivity is achieved by way of four high quality sensors mounted on the front of the helmet. Built with an Extra Large (XL) viewing area of 100mm x 60mm and a perfect optical rating of 1/1/1/1 for an unbeatable view of your work piece. Comes with a headband, which frees the welder’s hands for a variety of welding and grinding processes while maintaining maximum comfort. A choice of 7 dark shades (5>13).



Traditional welding helmets provide a tinted view, often in green.  Compare that with a true colour auto darkening filter and it makes a huge difference.  All the colours you would see with a naked eye are also visible with these lenses.  This means, better views of the weld puddle and the arc itself.  Welding can be hard enough as it is, so having a good quality welding helmet with True Colour is a huge benefit.


Adjust sensitivity and delay settings with the simple, intuitive control panel on the side of the helmet. Also equipped with a grinding mode for easy switching between welding and grinding processes.



Technical Specs
Protection UV/IR DIN 15
Classification 1/1/1/1
Clear shade 4
Dark shade 5>9 / 9>13
Reaction time 0,08 ms
Time to return to clear state 0,1 à 0,9 sec
Field vision 100 x 60 mm
Power supply Solar + battery (CR2450)
Weight 590 g
Settings Sensitivity, delay, shade, grinding, memory
Light sensor 4
Applications MMA 5>400 / TIG 2>250 / MIG-MAG 5>400
Standards EN 175B / EN 166 / EN 379




  • Carry bag for welding helmet
  • Antiperspirant – headband
  • Magnifying glass for Zeus, Spaceview, Ergotech & Alien True Color