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  • Current Range: 20 – 400A
  • Three Phase – 400V
  • Weight: 38 Kg
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A professional 3 phase MMA welding inverter equipped with the latest electronic technology to deliver excellent welding characteristics, the GYSARC 400 TRI is a versatile welder.  Built to withstand harsh environments, GYSARC inverters have rugged casing and reinforced electronics and is tested to IP23 protection.  Will weld any electrode from 1.6 up to 6.3mm, including basic, rutile and cellulosic rods.  These power sources are also able to gouge, perfect for pre weld preparation or weld removal.

A 3 dial interface makes setting the machine easy, whilst a digital meter displays settings clearly.  An optional 8m remote control is available to interface with the machine and make adjustments easily from a distance.

A high duty cycle makes the GYSARC cellulosic welder suitable for intensive use of welding rods 1.6 – 6.3mm in diameter. Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, rutile, basic, aluminium or cellulosic electrodes are all suitable for use.

Incorporating lift TIG functionality for DC TIG welding of mild steel, stainless steel and Titanium.  Connect this power source to the GYS EXATIG though and it can be used for HF TIG for easier arc starting and non contaminated starts.





Intuitive control panel with digital display

Choice between LIFT TIG or MMA modes.

Welding power range 20 > 400A (400V).

Sealed panel prevents dust and moisture ingress





Benefitting from the following features:

Arc force GYS


Adjustable Arc Force:  Instantaneous increase in welding current in difficult welding conditions.


GYS Anti sticking


Anti Sticking: Allows easier arc starting and helps prevent rod sticking to the material.


Hot start GYS


Hot Start: Makes it easier to arc with any type of metal (Low Hot Start: For thin metal sheets – high Hot Start for metals that are difficult to weld such as dirty or oxidized sheets)



Lift TIG: The arc is created by touching the metal with the tungsten electrode avoiding tungsten inclusions and radio electrical disturbances.

VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) : lowers the no-load voltage (< 30V) to secure welders in specific environments (mines, chemical plants, shipyards, etc.)


  • Immediate start due to a high no load voltage.  Makes arc starting easier.
  • Constant welding power
  • Very smooth melting of welding rods with DC current
  • Excellent arc stability and good penetration.
  • High duty cycle enabling intensive use
  • Lift TIG Capability – Easier start to ensure perfect quality welding bead. A simple movement of the wrist starts the automatic downslope to ensure a smooth and clean welding finish.
  • Suitable for use with generators +/- 15% (Automatic voltage regulation recommended)
  • Gouging capabilities with carbons up to 6mm
  • European made (France)
  • 2 Year warranty


Model GYS GYSARC 400
Amps range 20 – 400
Duty cycle @ 60% (40ºC) 400A
Input fuse 32A
Min generator size 36kVA (30kW)
Electrode size for MMA 1.6 – 6.3mm
Dimensions 580 x 520 x 300mm
Dinse plug size 70/95mm
Approx. weight 38kg



GYS are a French family firm started in 1964.  Having now expanded internationally, they have a large UK base in Rugby, UK which looks after warranty issues and distribution.


To purchase a set of welding leads or a TIG torch for this machine, please select from the dropdown menu above.  TIG torch is supplied as a 2 part cable with dinse connector and 3/8″ BSP gas hose connector.  Note that the torch gas control is via a valve on the torch handle unlike on dedicated TIG machines with a gas solenoid.

Additional information


Machine Only, Include Welding Lead Set, Include TIG torch


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