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GYS EasyCut 40 Plasma Cutter

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  • Clean Cut Up to 15mm
  • Single Phase
  • Weight: 8 Kg
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A highly portable plasma cutter, the GYS EasyCut 40 has a great cutting performance.  Ideal for use in a car bodyshop or workshop, the GYS EasyCut 40 excels at precision cutting at low intensity.

A pilot arc start does not require contact of the tip with the work piece.  Pilot arc eliminates the requirement for a HF (high frequency) start eliminating any electro magnetic interference from mobile phones, computers, radios etc.

Inverter technology guarantees quality cutting on all types of steels (soft, stainless, hardened, HLE), aluminium, copper, etc. Quick and easy installation of plasma torch consumables (standard Trafimet®).


Effective cutting: air cooled torch body for a high arc stability and duty cycle. Ergonomic handle for comfort and ease. Designed to be shock and heat resistant. Quick torch connection/disconnection, without tools.

Protected against overvoltage and overcurrent. Indication of insufficient air pressure or torch detection.

Reinforced structure with isolated non slip rubber pads. HMI protective cover.

The torch and earth clamp can be disconnected.

Compact, lightweight and portable.


The GYS plasma Easy Cut 40 provides high quality cutting results even on painted surfaces.

Cutting capacities:

  • Up to 20mm steel, stainless steel and cast iron (15mm clean cut)
  • Up to 15mm aluminium and copper (10mm clean cut)

GYS EasyCut 40 Plasma cutter


Other features:

Easy to use and connect to a compressed air system.

Simple to use panel interface.

Manual adjustment of the air pressure (2.5 < 6.5 bar) with a bargraph on the front panel.

Automatic torch detection.




Included in this cost effective package is a work return lead, 4m quality trafimet plasma torch

Need more consumables? Choose plasma torch consumables box from the dropdown menu above.  Box contains x3 electrodes, x3 cutting tips, x1 nozzle and x1 diffuser.

A circle cutting kit is also available – please select from the dropdown menu above.  Kit also contains a wheeled stand off trolley for the torch.


Supported by a 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty.


Input Voltage AC 230V
Input Power (kVA) 10
Input Current (Amps) 16 (230V) or 32A (110v)
Cutting Capacity (Clean) 15mm
Cutting Capacity (Severance) 20mm
Dimensions (mm) 150x420x300
Weight (Kg) 8


Additional information

Weight 8 kg

Machine/Torch Only, Add Consumables box, Add Circle Cutting Kit, Add Consumables and Circle Cutting Kit


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