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GYS EasyCut 40 Plasma Cutter Torch Retaining Cap

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  • Plasma Cutter Consumables
  • Fits the GYS EasyCut 40
  • 4 Pack of Retaining Caps
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Plasma Retaining Cap for MT 45K-TPT 40 Plasma Torch | GYS EasyCut-40 – 040236 (4 Pack)

GYS Plasma retaining caps for the EasyCut-40 /  MT 45K-TPT 40 Plasma cutting torch. Supplied as a 4 pack of retaining caps, which are designed to serve 2 main functions:

This part holds the ring diffuser, nozzle and electrode in place, as well as directs the shielding gas for the optimal cutting performance.


GYS plasma spares suitable for the handheld MT 45K-TPT 40 plasma torch, fitted as standard on the GYS EasyCut-40 plasma cutter.



This includes:

  • 4 x Retaining cap (040236)


Individual spares are also available on the website – see related items below for each plasma spare.

When Should I Change My Consumables?
Part description
Nozzle (#040236) Replace the nozzle when it looks damaged (traces of burns).
Tip (#040212) Clean the inner part of the nozzle if clogged or dirty.
Replace the tip if the inner diameter is enlarged or distorted.
Diffuser (#040175) To be replaced if lateral openings are clogged.
Electrode (#040168) To be replaced if a cavity appears in the center.  Failure to replace an electrode can cause a blowout which will damage both the electrode and nozzle. If you need to slow down the cutting speed, are experiencing green discolouration of the arc or the arc is misfiring it is time to change the electrode.