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GYS CUTTER 70A Plasma Cutter

£1,904.00 ex VAT

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  • Clean Cut Up to 25mm
  • Three Phase
  • Weight: 22 Kg



The GYS Cutter 70A is a highly capable three phase plasma cutter running from a 16A supply with a clean cut capacity of 25mm in mild steel.  A duty cycle of 70A at 60% (40°C) enables intensive use of the machine – suitable for medium fabrication work.  A HF free arcing system preserves and increases consumable life spans and decreases issues with electrically sensitive equipment.  Its pre-wired for use on CNC plasma tables and is built to be robust in the most demanding of situations.


The GYS Cutter 70A cuts all types of steel, including stainless, tempered, HLE and mild, as well as aluminium, copper etc.  A ventilation corridor built into the machine optimises cooling whilst isolating inner components from dust.  Replacement of consumables is fast and easy for maximum productivity.

Equipped with a premium TECMO® air cooled torch with a very stable arc (leading supplier in Europe) and an easy to use trigger.  The torch uses readily available Hypertherm® consumables.

A quick connect interface means easy pack up after use, making it suitable for mobile use – no tools required.


Cutting capacities:

  • Up to 25mm steel, stainless steel and cast iron (35mm clean cut)
  • Up to 18mm aluminium and copper (25mm clean cut)
  • Piercing capacity 15mm
  • De-gouging capacity at 4.8 kg/hr
  • A mesh mode maintains the arc when the torch is not in contact with the workpiece allowing for easy cutting of the next section.


Other features:

GYS Plasma Cutter 70A


Easy to use and connect to a compressed air system.

User friendly interface : – 3 working modes : Cutting / Mesh / locked – manual setting of the air pressure (4.1 < 6.5 bars) using front LED Indicator.

Compatible with CNC kit for automatic cutting tables (please ask for CNC kit pricing)


Included in this cost effective package is a 4M work return lead and 6m TECMO plasma torch




Supported by a 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty.



Input Voltage AC 400V
Input Power (kW) 15
Input Current (Amps) 16
Cutting Capacity (Clean) 25mm
Cutting Capacity (Severance) 35mm
Piercing Capacity 15mm
Degouging Capacity 4.8 kg/hr
Dimensions (mm) 520x400x260
Weight (Kg) 22


Additional information


Machine/Torch Only, Add Consumables box, Add Circle Cutting Kit, Add Consumables and Circle Cutting Kit


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