GrabPak 6013 Lotus Electrodes (2.5mm) 0.5kg

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  • GrabPak 6013
  • 0.5kg Pack – 2.5mm
  • Mild Steel


GrabPak 6013 Welding Rods (2.5mm) 0.5kg

AWS A5.1 – E6013

A 0.5kg GrabPak of 6013 Electrodes (2.5mm). Super handy, the grab packs are great for hobbyists needing smaller quantities of rods or for small maintenance jobs.  Perfect also for site work, these grab packs are supplied in a plastic re-useable tube to keep them dry and undamaged.

A medium thickness flux covering results in improved arc stability and reduction of spatter, which decreases the time spent post-weld cleaning.

Ideal for all positional welding, 6013 electrodes are widely used throughout a wide range of industries and for numerous types of applications. These include workshop and repair welding of mild and low alloyed steels.  They are arguably the most common of the welding rods.

While re-drying is not largely a requirement, if needed they can dry for 1 hour at a temperature of between 100°C and 110°C.  They exhibit easy start and re-start properties and self removing slag.

Rutile – an oxide mineral composed of predominantly Titanium Dioxide (TiO²),  makes up part of the flux composition.  This flux gives a smooth bead appearance while also maintaining a stable arc. Furthermore, slag removal requires minimal effort.  Burning of the rod produces Carbon Dioxide shielding gas from the Rutile composite in the flux.

Features & Benefits
  • Suitable for welding in all positions
  • Excellent Arc Stability
  • Easy slag removal
  • Reduced amounts of spatter
  • Re-drying is not an essential requirement
  • Easy start and re-start capabilities
  • Widely used throughout many industries
Industries / Applications
  • General Purpose Fabrication
  • Shipbuilding and Repair
  • Automotive Works
  • Thin Sheet Metal Welding
  • Machine Parts
  • Excessively machined or damaged mild steel
  • Farm Implementations
What is the Electrode Coating Factor?

An electrodes coating factor is determined by calculating the difference between the outer diameter of the electrode vs the the diameter of the internal rod.  This results in an assigned number (ranging between  1.2 – 2.2) which is the Electrode Coating Factor. There is a division of three categories as shown below:

    • Light – Will have an Electrode Coating Factor of approximately 1.25.  Helping to remove impurities such as oxides and phosphorous.  The light coating also assists with arc stability. Without the presence of a dependable shielding gas.
    • Medium – An Electrode Coating Factor of around 1.45 is generally used for commercial building and pipeline projects plus bridge construction.  They are characterised by having a greater arc stability, and readily removable slag.
    • Heavy – Containing the highest level of flux and a coating factor of between 1.6 – 2.2. When the flux coating comes into contact with the weld pool it’s creates the highest level of shielding gas out of all three coating types.


Chemical Composition of Weld Metal % (Typical)

C Si Mn
0.07 0.3 0.4


Mechanical Properties

Yield Strength
Tensile Strength
Impact Strength
min. 420 510 – 610 min. 47 J min. 22

Welding Positions


Standards Current Type
EN ISO 2560-A – E 42 0 RC 11 D.C. (-) (+) / A.C.
AWS A5.1 – E6013


Typical Base Material Grades

S 235JR, S275JR, S235J2G3-S355J2G3, P235 GH, P265GH, P255NH, P235T1-P355T1, P235T2-P355T2, P235G1TH, P255G1TH, L210-L360NB, S235JRS1-S235J2S1, S235JRS2-S235J2S2

In Conclusion

As shown above 6013 Electrodes are widely considered to be the most popular option available. This is due in no small part to their excellent ability to maintain a stable arc and a clear reduction in the amount of spatter produced. Slag is easily removed with minimal effort.  Ideal for use in applications such as automotive repair, thin sheet metal welding, machine parts and general purpose fabrication.


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