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Flange Purge Bung – SC PROFI 215 – 270mm ID

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  • Walter Schnorrer
  • Flange Cone and Bung
  • 215 – 270mm ID Pipe



An SC Profi Flange-Cone designed for the welding of flanges, couplings and short pipe lengths between 215 and 270mm, made by Walter Schnorrer®.

The tool consists of three parts: an aluminium cone, a gas connection pipe and the well known and proven SC Profi disc with an integrated sintered stainless steel gas diffuser and in a special design.  The construction of the gas diffuser guarantees a laminar flow of gas without turbulence during purging and the welding process. Gas flow* rates in litres/minute during purging are 10% of the internal diameter (mm) of the pipe, and typical purging times* are less than 1,5 minutes.

A further advantage of the Flange-Cone is that it can be used as an alignment tool to hold the pipe sections together and centre them at the same time. SC Profi disc in the special design is available in the same dimensions as the SC Profi discs. For
larger dimensions please ask.
* Or less depending of dimension and length of the connection



  • Simple and effective pipe purging device
  • Short purge time
  • Heat resistant up to 340°C (max for 1 h)
  • Airtight in all positions
  • Laminar flow means zero turbulence behind the weld joint during purging
  • Patented triple-sealing lip elements
  • Efficient gas diffuser with high diffusion
  • The tool is one complete unit
  • Suitable for TIG, MIG/MAG and plasma
  • Gas flow rates (L/min) are 10% of the internal pipe diameter


Why Back Purge

When welding, a shielding gas is used to protect the molten weld pool from the atmosphere. If welding a joint though, the shielding gas from the torch is not shielding the back of the weld.  The rear of the weld can then allow entry of the air, creating contamination.  This contamination can then lead to decreased weld strength and decreased anti corrosive properties within the solidified weld.  By creating an oxygen-free environment on the backside of the weld, back purging prevents oxidation, maintains the inherent properties of the parent material, and ensures the longevity and reliability of welded components. Furthermore, effective back purging ensures that the welded joint retains its corrosion-resistant properties, making it suitable for applications where maintaining hygiene and preventing contamination is critical.  Real world examples of where back purging is critical is in Stainless Steel car exhaust systems as well as sanitary pipework used to carry food or drink.


Please note that the Walter Schnorrer line of purging bungs may take 2 weeks to arrive.  Feel free to call or email to check prior to ordering.



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