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Flama / SWP 12 Pin Switch Plug For SWP TIG Welders

£21.50 ex VAT

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  • 12 Pin TIG Switch Plug
  • Cable Plug
  • Fits SWP machines



A 12 pin switch plug designed to be used with SWP TIG Machines with a 12 pin socket.

The plug fits onto the switch cable of a TIG torch or foot control and plugs into the front of the machine.  The pins control the on/off functionality of the TIG torch.  Additional pins can be connected to torch or foot control wires for potentiometer amperage control.

Details outlining wiring and pin configuration can normally be found in the reference material for the welding machine being used.  2 wires from the torch or foot control will complete a switch circuit.  If wires are attached to pins for amperage control, there will be 2 potentiometer connections and one for the wiper.


Need a TIG torch ready to plug and play?  No problem, feel free to let us know and we can quote for a complete TIG torch with connections to suit your machine.

Please Note – Product image shown is a generic switch plug