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F-TECH X Bench Filter Pro 2000 | Bench Welding Fume Extractor

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  • Motor Power: 1.5 Kw
  • Flow Rate: 3300 m3/h (at hood)
  • Weight: 200 Kg


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F-Tech X Bench Welding Fume Extractor – Filter Pro 2000

The F-Tech X Bench Filter Pro 2000 welding fume extraction bench provides downdraught extraction. At a width of almost 2 metres (1870mm x 715), this machine provides a nice, wide working area. Also suitable for a broad variety of processes, including welding fumes and spoiled work dust, grinding, wood, metal, marble, and plastic. Perfect for bench welding where fume is extracted at source.

It’s also recommended that the welder has additional protection in the form of an air fed helmet or sealed face mask.

Dust and debris all collected in sealed dust collection drawers This allows for easy and fuss-free disposal of waste. The pre-filter is composed of a cylindrical spark-trap, constructed from a steel mesh filter.

  • Useful 2mtr wide work surface (1870 x 715mm)
  • G2 pre-filters, metal mesh 70%
  • F7 rigid pocket filter 2 95%
  • Manufactured from galvanised steel the X Bench Filter Pro 2000 comes complete with:
    • Plenum chamber – dust separator, sparks eliminator
    • Filtering section with F7 efficiency, with an easy sideways removal for maintenance and parts replacement.
    • Practical extractable chest for major slag collection
    • Sealed dust collection drawers
    • A work plan splitter to create a double working space
    • Centrifugal fan with backward curved impeller
    • Side exhaust silencer to allow a re-entry of purified air into the workplace
  • Additional PPE recommended
  • Suitable applications: Welding fumes, Wood, Metal, Smoothing, Marble, Plastic


Technical Specs
Filter efficiency 95% F7 Classification
Motor Power 1.5 Kw
Rated input voltage 400V
Flow rate pressure 3300 m3/h
Dimensions (external) 2270 x 900 x 1330/1800 mm
Weight 200 Kg
Why use a Fume Extraction System?

New evidence presented to the HSE regarding the correlations between all kinds of welding fumes and breathing related illnesses lead to changes in law back in February 2019. It is now a legal requirement for all professional workshops that use any kind of welding process to provide adequate breathing protection for their employees. This is to reduce the likelihood of serious or long term breathing related illnesses among your workforce, also improving quality of life, comfort and safety during working hours.

It’s a legal requirement for indoor welding environments to have fume extraction, either fitted into the weld-bay or on-torch.

TBWS Welding Supplies also deals in Personal Respiratory Protection and Face-Fit Breathing Masks.


Bench Fume Extraction Plus Points

A bench fume extractor is beneficial compared to an articulated arm or on torch extraction system if the work piece can fit on it.  With an articulated arm system, the user must continually move the hood over the work piece, at a distance of approximately 300mm, so when moving around a work piece, this gets repetitive.  Many employers will find that the welder does not move the arm around, due to the additional time and effort required.  In this instance, welding fume is no longer being captured.  A bench system negates this, as the welder needs only to have the job on the bench for it to efficiently extract.

From experience, we have also found that when welding box section or tubes, the fume emanates not only from the weld but also from the ends of the tube or box.  If an articulated arm is extracting from the weld, area, the box or tube will either need capping or another fume extraction hood where the fume is coming from.  Again, a down draught bench would work to extract any welding fume generated on top of the bench.