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F Tech Wolf | On Torch Fume Extraction Package – 400V

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  • LEV fume extraction
  • 400V
  • On torch extraction kit



Wilkinson Star have launched the F-Tech Wolf high vacuum on torch welding fume extraction system.  Designed to extract welding fumes, the Wolf extracts at source, improving air quality of the welding environment.  Used in conjunction with fume extraction MIG torch, the F-Tech Wolf extraction unit is capable of running two welding torches simultaneously.

The beauty of on torch welding extraction system is that wherever the MIG torch is used the extraction will be present.  A localised exhaust ventilation extraction system with a hood is also a good option in some scenarios, but it does require the user to move the hood within 300mm from the weld to capture fume.  An on torch system is point, weld, extract.

This fume extraction unit can also be used for other welding processes, such as MMA and TIG, when using the hose and magnetic hood.

This package includes the 110V Wolf mobile extraction system, hoses and the F-tech 300 amp air cooled 4 metre extraction MIG torch.  The F Tech MIG torches utilise the industry standard euro connector and are easily fitted to the MIG welder and extraction unit.



  • Compact modular design – unobtrusive in the workshop
  • Four casters make for ease of manoeuvrability – Extremely portable
  • Available 400V, 230V or 110V
  • Automatic start/stop control fitted as standard
  • Brushless 1.1kW motors provide efficient extraction
  • Extracts harmful welding fume and grinding dusts, filtering and re-circulating clean air
  • Fan speed control
  • Capable of running 2 welding fume extraction torches up to 15m away, simultaneously
  • ePTFE Filters certified by the German Institute of Occupational Therapy.
  • Filters are European manufactured and provide optimum filtration for larger volumes of dust/fume.
  • 2 cost effective filters used offering a very long service life.  Mechanical filter and filter cartridges
  • Differential pressure in the filter housing facilitates automatic cleaning of the filters
  • Hour meter showing running time
  • Digital Information/Control Panel
  • Filter maintenance control light
  • Gloves and mask provided for safe cleaning/emptying of filtration tray
  • 5 Year Warranty
    F Tech fume extraction torch parts



  • Direct extraction at the arc to minimise fumes entering the welders breathing zone
  • Simple extraction control adjustability on the front of the torch
  • Lightweight and well balanced for comfortable working
  • Patented optimal torch cooling
  • Require a longer torch in the kit?  Feel free to let us know and we can price accordingly.


Model F-Tech Wolf
Filter efficiency ≥99.5% E12 Classification
Motor power 1.1kW
Rated input voltage 110V, 230V or 400V
Extraction at Hood 1100m³/hr
Noise levels <70dB(A)
Dimensions 1200mm x 800mm x 600mm
Weight 105Kg



FTech Fox fume extractor unit on casters

FT300-4E – 300 Amp 4m fume extraction torch

5m super flex fume extraction hose

1 x Hose Connector

P3 Disposable Gloves



When considering LEV systems for the workplace, its worth looking at the governments health and safety executive guidance to ensure any equipment is fit for purpose.

Not sure which fume extraction solution to go for?  Feel free to contact us and we can make sure you have the appropriate information to select the right extraction for your welding tasks.