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F-Tech I-CAP | Wall Mounted Welding Fume Extractor 400V

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  • 230V LEV Fume Extractor
  • Wall Mounted
  • Cantilever Arm


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Starparts F-Tech I-CAP fume-Extractor | Wall-mounted Unit (400V) | Armotech

The F-Tech I-CAP Fume-extractor 2.0 is a wall mounted welding fume extraction system for the safe extraction of welding, grinding and cutting fumes, dust and debris in accordance with the latest HSE regulations. Equipped with a self supporting heavy duty Armotech 3 metre arm enabling the user to position the welding hood to catch fume. A wall mounted LEV saves space on the workshop floor.

A re-circulating unit, the ICAP filters the fume and delivers clean air back into the workshop.  Unlike other wall mounted welding fume LEVs, the ICAP does not extract the fume outside, therefore removing heat from the workplace.

Made of high durable powder-coated steel and designed to be mounted on a wall by use of fixing holes on the rear frame. Works by a high performance centrifugal 1.5kw extraction fan encased in a rugged soundproof compartment.

The Armotech arms are made of stainless steel tubes with ducting hinge joints for a more solid, durable arm. These arms come with a 12 month warranty.


  • 400 Volt (230 Volt also available)
  • High performance centrifugal extraction fan encased in a rugged soundproof compartment
  • Fixing holes on rear frame to allow wall mounting
  • 3mtr arm Armotech arm
  • 2500m3/hr max flow
  • 1480m3/hr max suction
  • Powerful 3 stage effective E12 filtration up to 99.5%
  • Filter Stages:
    • 1 – Metallic pre-filter 25%
    • 2 – Corrugated polyester fibre pre-filter
    • 3 – Absolute filter E12HEPA
  • Durable steel with powder coated finish
  • Meets latest HSE regulations


  • De-odorising carbon filter available
  • Twin arm adaptor available to allow use of 2 arms
Technical Specs
Filter efficiency 99.5%
Motor power 1.5 Kw
Rated input voltage 400V (230V model also available)
Flow rate pressure 2500m3/h (at hood)
Noise levels 73dB(A)
Dimensions 508 x 747 x 759 mm
Weight 100 Kg
Why use a Fume Extraction System?

New evidence presented to the HSE regarding the correlations between all kinds of welding fumes and breathing related illnesses lead to changes in law back in February 2019. It is now a legal requirement for all professional workshops that use any kind of welding process to provide adequate breathing protection for their employees. This is to reduce the likelihood of serious or long term breathing related illnesses among your workforce, also improving quality of life, comfort and safety during working hours.

It’s a legal requirement for indoor welding environments to have fume extraction, either fitted into the weld-bay or on-torch.

TBWS Welding Supplies also deals in Personal Respiratory Protection and Face-Fit Breathing Masks.