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Extractability Wall Mounted Telescopic Welding Fume Extractor

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  • 230V LEV Fume Extractor
  • Wall Mounted
  • Articulating Arm
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Extractability Telescopic Wall Mounted Fume Extraction Arm

A wall mounted vent to atmosphere welding fume extractor with a telescopic arm for greater versatility.

Extractability have a new and improved range of telescopic suction arms comes in different sizes: Available in 100, 150 and 200mm diameters.

The Telescopic extraction arm comes with a handy bracket for wall mount your fume extraction system. Built to work with either central units and individual fans. Ideal to extract pollutants (debris, particulates and fumes) on fixed welding benches and welding booths. The Telescopic extraction arm comes complete with a wall mounting bracket, low wear telescopic tube, and hose & fitted suction hood with an integrated damper.

Ideal extraction arm for small spaces, especially low headroom environments.


Extractability offers a wide range of element extraction solutions. Their suction arm ranges from small diameters of 50 mm, suited for laboratories, up to large diameters, suitable for high duty where there are large amounts of welding fumes and debris to be extracted. Additionally, the Extractability product portfolio consists of suction arms, cranes and hoses made of materials which are optimized for different applications such as arms made of aluminium that are chemically resistant or anti-static.


Extraction systems are suitable for table, wall or ceiling attachment. Can be connected directly to the filter unit and positioned by means of joints or jib cranes.

It would be our pleasure to advise you in finding the appropriate solution for you.


Technical specification
Reach 1.2mm  – 2.06mm
Rotation 180°
Diameters 100mm / 150mm / 200mm
Mounting Height 2400mm
Working Radius 1700mm
Vertical Movement 70°
Why use a Fume Extraction System?

New evidence presented to the HSE regarding the correlations between all kinds of welding fumes and breathing related illnesses lead to changes in law back in February 2019. It is now a legal requirement for all professional workshops that use any kind of welding process to provide adequate breathing protection for their employees. This is to reduce the likelihood of serious or long term breathing related illnesses among your workforce, also improving quality of life, comfort and safety during working hours.

It’s a legal requirement for indoor welding environments to have fume extraction, either fitted into the weld-bay or on-torch.

TBWS Welding Supplies also deals in Personal Respiratory Protection and Face-Fit Breathing Masks.

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100mm diameter, 150mm diameter, 200mm diameter