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EXACT PipeCut 360 Pro Series Pipe Cutter

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  • Range of use: 75 – 360 mm
  • 20 mm* Steel Wall Thickness
  • 50 mm Plastic Wall Thickness
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The PipeCut 36O Pro Series replaces the 360E in the Exact pipe cutting line up in 2018.  The 360 pro series remains a lightweight and handy pipe cutting system with a wide cutting range, weighing only 17.5 kg.


The Exact 360 pro series has been improved in the following areas:

  • Much stronger 2500W 230V / 2200W 110V motor.
  • Electronics protecting the motor from overload and “traffic lights” guiding the operator.
  • Laser indicator for precise cutting.
  • Improved adjustment mechanism for straight cutting.


Suitable for most metal types and plastic pipes, the Exact PipeCut 360 pro series is a versatile piece of kit. Features include a two-stage motor speed control, constant torque, soft start and automatic overload protection. The PipeCut 360 pro series cuts easily, even when cutting the toughest of cast iron pipes. When cutting plastic pipes it can be attached to a vacuum cleaner for collection of the plastic chip at source during operation. It has a robust design and construction to withstand even the most demanding of conditions. Because of its robust design it is ideal for use in both the workshop or on site for a multitude of different pipe applications.  It is very comfortable and light to use and it cuts pipes extremely fast.

Pipe cutting is significantly faster compared to traditional methods. The resulting surfaces are Exact, precise and of uniform quality meaning the pipes are ready for joining right away.

Exact Tools – better results with less work




Pipe Ø (OD) 75mm – 360mm (3”- 14”)
Wall thickness 20mm (0.8”) steel (230V) 12mm (0.5″) steel (110V) , 50mm (2”) plastics
Cuts the following pipe materials Steel, copper, cast iron, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, multi-layered materials and all plastics


Voltage / Power 230V / 1750W
Voltage / Current 110V, 120V / 15A
No-Load speed I=1900 obr./min, II=2885 obr./min
Blade diameter 165mm (6.50”)
Mounting bore 62mm (2.44”)
Weight 17.5kg (38.6 lbs)
Range of use 75mm – 360mm (3”- 14”)
Max. pipe wall 20mm (0.8”) steel (230V) and 12mm (0.5″) steel (110V), 50mm (2”) plastics
Electronical unit Blade speed preselection, automatic fuse, soft start, torque control
Speed preselection I = Stainless steel and acid-resistant steel, II = all other materials
Loading capacity of supports 465 kg, 1025 lb (3 supports)

Exact pipe cutting machines are designed and intended for the following industries

  • House building
  • Shipyards
  • Industrial pipe installations, pulp, paper, chemical, boiler, pump stations etc.
  • Worksites for fresh and waste water systems
  • Municipal heating and cooling systems
  • Municipal gas lines
  • Municipal site works e.g. hospitals, office buildings, and large public buildings
  • Maintenance and repair work of medium and large industry
  • Power stations
  • Installation companies that do pre-assemblies in workshops for sprinkler systems etc.
  • Pipe repairs for old buildings
Avaliable in 110V and 230V versions

Additional information

Weight 17.5 kg
Input Voltage

110V, 230V


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