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Exact INOX 140 Blade | Stainless Steel Pipe Cutting

£134.00 ex VAT

Further Reductions Available On Request 01276 505012

  • 140mm blade
  • Stainless steel cutting
  • Pipe Cutter INOX 220 & 360


Exact INOX 140 Blade for the INOX PipeCut 220 and INOX PipeCut 360

The Exact INOX 140 Blade is the latest development in pipe-cutting saw blades. Delivers the best cutting characteristics on even the most challenging materials.

Specially designed to cut stainless steel and acid-proof stainless steel pipes.

This blade is one of the best in the world; state-of-the-art technology developed by top engineers. Able to achieve over 100 cuts without the need for re-sharpening. (As observed in tests performed by Exact on a 169 OD, 3 mm wall thickness, 304L stainless pipe). These results make it clear that the Exact 140 is unbeatable for cutting stainless steel, even when compared to their other blades.

The hard metal tips on the blade’s edge, optimal for working on tough materials. Designed to leave a minimal burr on the cut end. The outstanding technology reduces the likelihood of chipping when the blade becomes dull. This makes this one of the most accurate blades Exact has ever created.