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Electrolyte EN for Negative Embossing – 2170EN / 2175EN

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BYMAT 2170EN and 2175EN Electrolyte Embossing Fluid

A container of electrolyte EN light embossing fluid, for embossing all materials.

Electrolyte EN is used for embossing most metals. This fluid is best applied with a polishing felt and a stencil. Pour a small amount of the Bymat Electrolyte EN solution into a wide mouth receptacle and immerse the felt. The fluid should be brushed over a few times to obtain the best results and colour. After the solution is applied it will turn a very light grey colour, is best to remove the remaining electrolyte with a wet cloth after, a preservative (electrolyte KO) should be applied.

The EN electrolyte solution can be used on any metal.

Comes in 100ml and 500ml.



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100ML, 500ML, 1 Litre, 5 Litre


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