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Electac Welding Fume Extraction Fan

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  • Fume Extraction Fan
  • 230V or 415V
  • Use as part of a system
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The Electac P fan unit is designed to extract welding fume from the source and expel it into the atmosphere. Supplied as a fan only, this unit can be used to make a complete system in conjunction with galvanised spiral ducting and self supporting articulating arms.  Multiple operators can extract fume, with one fan sucking from multiple capture hoods.

This quality fan has an all steel body and impeller for installation in the toughest conditions.  An IP55 rating motor enables outside positioning too.  Support frames are available to assist easy installation.

Choose from the dropdown to select between 1.1kW, 2.2kW, 4kW or 5.5kW motor sizes to suit your extraction set up.



Usually, these multi operator system fans exhaust the fumes out to atmosphere, but filter modules can be added in the duct system, between the arms & the fan, to allow complete filtering of the fumes.

Generally, the spiral galvanised ducting reduces in diameter along the length of the header duct. All take-offs for arms are 160mm diameter and are fitted with a butterfly type damper to enable the suction to be balanced evenly between all the arms. This means that the suction of the arm farthest from the fan is the same as nearest arm.

The result is that by using arms of a different reach in one system, various operations can be catered for.



Fan Model P2 P4 P6 P8
Dimensions 790 x 255 x 400mm 790 x 255 x 400mm TBC TBC
Weight 19Kg 22Kg TBC TBC
Motor 1.1 kw 230v. 1 ph or 415v 3 ph 2.2 kw 415v 3 ph 4 kw 415v 3 ph 5.5 kw 415v 3 ph
Freeblowing Airflow 2500 m3/hour 4000 m3/hour 7500 m3/hour 9000 m3/hour
No. of arms able to service 2 4 6 8
Inlet and Outlet Size 160mm 224mm 300mm 300mm



When considering LEV systems for the workplace, it’s worth looking at the governments health and safety executive guidance to ensure any equipment is fit for purpose.

Not sure which fume extraction solution to go for?  Feel free to contact us and we can make sure you have the appropriate information to select the right extraction for your welding tasks.


PLEASE NOTE:  Lead time is usually a couple of days but should you need it sooner, you are welcome to call us and we can check lead times for you.

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Fan Model

P2 230V, P2 415V, P4 415V, P6 415V, P8 415V