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Electac Double Arm Wall Mounted Fume Extraction Package 1.1kW

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  • Vent to Atmosphere
  • 1.1kw Fan
  • Double Arm
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Electac Vent to Atmosphere Welding Fume Extraction With 2 Arms

A single wall mounted 1.1kW fan with 2 welding fume extraction arms suitable for venting to atmosphere or recirculating clean air (when used with optional filters).  An ideal solution where 2 welding bays are located side to side as shown in the image above.  Two arms with one fan is more cost effective and may mean only having to have one hole exiting the building and one run of ducting with a cowl etc.


The supplied arms are fully articulated and self supporting meaning they can be manipulated to where the weld is being made, to ensure maximum extraction efficiency.

The arms can be positioned close together in the standard fixed mount configuration or separated to whereever needed using galvanised ducting. If arms are positioned at different distances from the fan or arms are of different lengths used in the same system, then dampers must be fitted to balance the suction evenly.


When used as vent to atmosphere, the set up simply sucks the fume through the hood/arm and out through a vent to the atmosphere outside the workshop/factory.  In this scenario, the running costs are greatly reduced as costly replaceable filters are not required.  If using vent to atmosphere systems though, it is important to consider where the fume is being expelled outside of the building.

Filter modules are also available that enable the fumes to be filtered & the cleaned air returned to the work area (Please call to ask)


The suction arm consists of an internal linkage made of aluminium. Due to the convenient arrangement of the springs it is very easy to move the suction arm in every requested position. It is possible to turn the suction hood with integrated throttle valve in every direction too for ultimate flexibility.


Vent to outside or atmosphere systems are not suitable for all welding fume extraction solutions.

A few factors to consider:

  • In winter, any warm air will be sucked through the extraction hood and taken outside.
  • Where is the fume being extracted / vented to?

If the above points are of concern, a recirculating, filter system may be more beneficial.



For assistance with your welding fume extraction requirement, feel free to call and one of our team would be happy to assist.


PLEASE NOTE:  Image is for illustrative purposes only and may differ to that supplied.

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Fan Voltage

230V, 400V

Arm Length

1.5 Metre, 2.5 Metre, 3 Metre, 4 Metre