EDGE Clear Glass TIG Cup Narrow #6XXL – WP9 WP20 WP25

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  • Clear Pyrex TIG Cup
  • WP9, WP20 & WP25
  • #6XXL Narrow Cup


Clear EDGE TIG Cup #6 XXL Narrow – WP9 WP20 WP25 Gas Lens Series

Clear view for precise welding!

An EDGE Narrow #6 XX Long Clear TIG Cup to fit the WP9, WP20 and WP25 TIG torch with a gas lens set up. The overall length of each lens in the EDGE Gas Lens 920 Narrow XXL Series is 3 inches.

The EDGE Narrow #6 TIG Welding Cup has an opening which has been formed into an oval (Versions are also available for the XL and XXL series). The benefits of this are increased accessibility to extremely narrow passages and tight bends, whilst delivering an even and consistent gas coverage.


Included: A #6XXL EDGE Gas Lens Narrow 920 welding cup.  3 inches long and narrow orifice

Not included: Patented EDGE welding cup adapter with double O-ring seal, thermal spacer, standard gas lens body and standard collet


Easy to use and install, a metal adaptor, screws onto a standard WP9, WP20 or WP25 gas lens body.  2 Rubber O rings go around the adaptor and the glass cup simply pushes onto the adaptor and fits snugly onto a specially designed thermal spacer.

The EDGE patented double O-ring seal screws onto the gas lens body itself, so all you need to do to fit the cup is slot it onto the seal. After that, you’re good to go.

All products must be used with the GL920-A, GL920-PV6 OR GL920-PKIT, but can also be used with a 17, 18 or 26 torch by using the Stubby gas lens body.

GL920 Gas Lens Edge Cups kit breakdown parts consumables


EDGE welding has invested 25 years of industry experience into creating precise and durable welding supplies. Therefore, it was natural that they should have brought us the Clear Welding Cup. A welding gas protector made of clear, durable Pyrex – laboratory-grade borosilicate glass. All handmade in the USA.

EDGE Welding Cups are made to rigorous standards and put through the highest quality control to ensure the best end-product for you. Each cup had a printed label on the outside so you can have a hassle-free search. The Cups are also oven annealed to maximise their working lifespan.

  • You won’t need to use a gigantic cup to deliver a large amount of gas for gas coverage because the Narrow series cup reaches to the weld puddle.
  • The Narrow Line economises gas as it can focus it where it’s needed, rather than flooding the workpiece with gas for overall coverage.
  • The surrounding metal stays cooler because the gas is focused on where it’s needed. This saves time, money, frustration and can improve the overall quality of your work.


#4 and #6 EDGE Gas Lens 920 Narrow

#4XL and #6XL EDGE Gas Lens 920 XL Narrow – 2 inches in length

#4XXL and #6XXL EDGE Gas Lens 920 XXL Narrow – 3 inches in length