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DWT Steel Wheel Roller Head DWT-RG350003

£49.50 ex VAT

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  • DWT Pipe Stand Head
  • 2 Wheel Rollers
  • Black Coated Steel



A pipe welding stand support head for the DWT Pipe Folding Support Jack with a black steel roller wheel set.

Designed with a set of 2 rolling steel wheels in the head for position adjustment of the pipe while cutting and welding. Steel roller head perfect for supporting general purpose materials, but is not suitable for stainless steel as contact with the steel wheels may cause contamination. The head comes as a pair of plates, each with a set of roller wheels each, and securely fits over the top of the existing V head prongs and is locked in place by a screw. Great for use in workshop and on-site work, particularly for use as a stand for cutting pipe with a circular saw.

See the DWT Pipe Stand this head fits onto.

For further information on these stands, see the PDF attached


Technical Specs
Part No. Description Load capacity (2 pieces) kg Outer Diameter (Inches) Outer Diameter (mm) Weight (per piece) kg
RG350003 Steel rollers 450 1/2 – 16 12 – 355 1,3

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