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Double Sided Hose O Clip | 13 – 15mm

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  • Hose Clamp
  • For 13 – 15mm OD Hose
  • Double Sided


13 – 15mm Double Sided Hose O Clip

A metal o ring suitable for fixing 13 – 15mm outer diameter hose to a hose tail.  Can be used for argon hose for welding or oxy fuel hoses.


The double sided o clips have an “ear” either side of the O ring which is pinched together to grip the hose and form a seal on the spigot / hose tail.


A jubilee clamp or re-useable worm clamp should not be used for securing hoses.  These can be over tightened, causing the metal clamp to cut in to and damage the hose.  An O Clip prevents this from happening.




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