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Defender 100 Welding Curtain Frame

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  • Welding Screen
  • 5′ x 6ft’
  • Frame & Curtain Set


Defender 100 Welding Screen

A good quality welding curtain and frame set measuring approximately 5 feet wide and 6 feet tall.  A one piece curtain fixes to the frame by a top rail going through a loop of the curtain.  The bottom corners of the curtain securely fix to the uprights of the frame with 2 retention clips.  The curtain can also be moved from the bottom, up and down the uprights for access if needed.

The frames lightweight design allows for ease of movement around the workshop as required.  Its 2 legs support the curtain and frame to prevent it being knocked down.


Complying with ISO25980, the Defender curtain protects any observer from the arc light generated during welding and the material is flame retardent.


*Includes frames and curtain*


Defender 100 curtain and frame measurements



Specification Description
Stock Colour Red, Transparent
Outer Frame dimensions 1510MM (5 FT) W X 1900MM (6 FT 3″) H
Curtain Dimensions 1415MM (4 FT 8″) W 1580MM (5 FT 2″) H
Curtain Thickness 0.4MM
Outer Carton 1720MM X 300MM X 65MM
Weight 7.5 KGS
Adheres to ISO 25980



There is no question that any person carrying out a welding process must be well protected from the inherent hazards associated.  These risks include but are not limited to exposure to the intense light generated from the welding arc, as well as sparks and spatter.  The welder would typically wear a welding helmet to protect the eyes, face and head, as well as suitable flame retardent gloves and clothing.

To protect other persons in the same room, a welding screen or curtain can be utilised.  A red or amber welding screen are most popular, allowing some supervision of the welder behind the screen due to its semi transparent nature.  The curtain blocks harmful UV light, whilst allowing some light through.  It also protects persons against sparks and spatter.


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1m x 1m, 1m x 2m, 2m x 2m, 2m x 3m, 1m x 25m Roll


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