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Cros Arc 200S AC/DC Tig Package

£630.00 ex VAT

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  • Current range: 10- 200 Amps
  • 230V 1Ph Power supply
  • Weight: 9Kg
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Cros Arc 200S AC/DC TIG Package

The Cros Arc 200S AC/DC TIG package is a great value AC DC welding machine that will weld steels and aluminium.

Machine package includes:

  • Cros Arc 200S AC/DC Machine
  • 4 Metre DGT26-12 TIG Torch
  • 3 Metre MMA Leads

The Cros Arc 200S AC/DC TIG Inverter comes fitted with a VRD Safety Device and is able to withstand work in any environment. A lightweight machine at only 9KG, and with the included 4 metre quality Parker TIG Torch, it’s ideal for mobile use or for compact storage in your workshop. Ready to work as soon as you open the box, just plug and go. Able to achieve excellent results in both MMA and TIG welding.

Complete adjustment for all welding parameters – Pulse, slope, frequency etc. – thanks to the high resolution, full function microprocessor control panel on the front. Select all your ideal settings with ease using the central dial on the front and the user-friendly, robust LCD display.

Pulse-width Modulation (PWM) on board. This is a clever digital system in which digital signals are automatically moderated to produce an analogue-like average output, meaning maximum control over your welds. Just because you’re using digital doesn’t mean the art to your craft has to be lost.

Able to operate TIG Lift and HF (High Frequency) ignition and MMA on a wide range of materials, including:

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium



Pulsed TIG setting allows the user to work with thin materials, minimising heat into the weld and therefore decreasing warpage within the material.  By setting the high and low amperages on the machine and pulsing between the two, heat is introduced into the weld pool momentarily to introduce filler metal.  The lower amperage cycle then cools the weld down briefly before moving back to the higher amperage.  The frequency of this pulse can also be adjusted to suit.  Pulse can decrease the chance of burn through as well as increase weld penetration, quality and speed.   Pulse can also be handy for out of position welding too.

Equipped with HF (High Frequency) Ignition. This differs from Lift TIG or Scratch-Start as in order to create an arc, the electrode does not need to come into contact with the workpiece initially. Simply place the electrode near the workpiece, press the torch trigger and go. It couldn’t be simpler! Alternatively, Lift TIG technology is available on this machine, too, perfect if working near electrically sensitive equipment.

Intelligence Protection on board. In the instance of over-heating, over-current, over-voltage etc., the alarm pilot light on the front panel will switch on to let the user know there is an issue with the machine, meanwhile cutting the output current. This not only ensures that is your machine safe for you to use, but also allows the machine to protect itself, prolonging its service life and efficiency.

Cros Arc 200S AC/DC TIG features IGBT inverter technology, making it possible to use it safely when powered by a generator.

The Parker DGT26-12 TIG Torch is an easy-to-use button operated torch able to take an electrode of any size between 1.0-4.0mm. The best in Ergonomics technology, so you can ensure comfort for whatever position you weld, whilst maintaining balance and durability.

Featuring plug and play switch port, allowing fully interchangeable switch options in seconds, ensuring you meet every requirement to achieve maximum comfort. Torch bodies available in both standard and flexible.

Protection Class IP23S


Machine Specification


Model Cros Arc 200S AC/DC
Amps range 10 – 200 AC

5 – 200 DC

TIG duty cycle @ 25% 200A
MMA duty cycle @ 100% 100A
Input fuse (slow blow) 16A
MMA Electrode size 1.6 – 4.0mm
Generator friendly Yes
TIG Ignition Lift/TIG
Approx. weight 9kg