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Crocodile Type MMA Electrode Holder 400 Amp

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  • Electrode holder
  • 400A
  • Crocodile type
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A good quality crocodile type 400A electrode holder at an affordable price to be fitted onto a welding lead set for stick / MMA welding. Everyday electrode holder for Arc Welding.  Slots inside the jaws of the electrode holder to allow the welding rod to slot into four electrode positions – 90, 45, 135 and 180º


Preferred by some, a crocodile type holder allows the user to quickly remove old and insert new electrodes.  Sometimes referred to as welding tongs, these holders are lightweight and inexpensive.

  • Electrode holder rated to 400 amps
  • Other cable accessories, lengths, and sizes available – see related items below


Easy To Fit:  Cut back a section of insulation from the suitably rated welding cable to expose the copper strands.    Remove the plastic handle from the electrode holder placing it over the welding cable.  Insert exposed copper wire into the metal conductor under the handle and tighten grub screws to secure cable.  Generally, the other end of the earth clamp will have a dinse cable plug attached to match the size of the connection to the machine.  If in doubt, feel free to ask and we will be happy to advise.

The electrode holder and welding leads should be suitably rated to the machine being used.  If too much current passes through the lead and holder, it will get hot, can get damaged and could be a fire risk.