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CR7050 Weltek Airkos Filter for Weltek Air Fed Helmets

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  • Replacement main filter
  • For Weltek Air Fed Helmets
  • Sold as singles



A replacement / spare main filter for use with Weltek Airkos blower units used with Weltek air fed welding and grinding helmets.

This item is the main filter, part number CR7050.  It is the round plastic cartridge containing filter material.  The pre-filter (part number CR7060) fits over the top of this part as per the image below.

Filters should be changed when the Airkos  clogging alarm sounds or when the user deems appropriate.  The pre filter, also available extends the life cycle of the main particulate filter.


Weltek PAPR Main Filter


Image above for illustration purposes only.

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Also compatible with the Wurth air fed helmets supplied with the Airkos blower.  Wurth part number 0984743406.


Compatible with the following Weltek systems:

CR58S4 – Navitek S4 system

CR58S13 – Navitek S13 system

CR7700 – Navitek Grinding system

CR7705 – Navitek gas cutting and grinding system

CR05S3 – Kapio S3 system

CR28S4 – Kapio S4 system


PLEASE NOTE:  Weltek Airkem blower units require a different filter to the Airkos pack



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