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Corpro P3 Filters

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  • P3R or A1P3R Filters
  • >99.9% efficiency
  • EN143:2000
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Corpro P3 Filters for HM1400 & FFM1600 Masks

Corpro P3 Filters for the Corpro HM1400 and Corpro FFM1600 masks.


  • Very low pressure drop – easier to breathe
  • Filtering efficiency greater than 99.99%
  • Patented ‘easy on’ filter fitting allowing for filter to be fitted from any angle
  • Low profile offers high visibility levels
  • Each supplied in a vacuum sealed bag
  • EN143:2000

A closer look at the Corpro P3 range

  • P3R Filter Pt No: 1100-001-P00001 (Particulate filter)
  • A1P3R Filter Pt No: 1100-001-P00002 (Particulate and type A gases; Organic gases and vapours with a boiling point of >65°C)


By HSE Standards, the Corpro FFM1600 Full Face Mask and Mask range are suitable for indoor and outdoor protection against welding fume.

HSE Weld-Fume Extraction Expectations have changed as of February 2019. This is due to new evidence of a relationship between welding fumes and lung-cancer cases, along with other serious breathing ailments.

As a result, it has become a government requirement for any company dealing in indoor welding to supply suitable fume extraction to protect their employees. This can be either a built-in or on-equipment fume extractor, or appropriate respiratory Protective Personal Equipment.

(Even if you do have built-in or on-equipment fume extraction, it may not provide adequate safety. Therefore, you’ll need Respiratory Protection PPE to keep employees safe.)

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P3R Filter, A1P3R Filter