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Corpro FFM1600 Full Face Mask

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  • Breathing and eye protection
  • 2 Sizes
  • Filters available
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Corpro HM1600 Full Face Mask

The Corpro FFM1600 Full Face Mask is a high quality British-built, comfortable, and lightweight full-face mask, with a full range of filters, spares, and accessories available. Equipped with a polycarbonate lens with high impact and high temperature protection. Compliant with EN Standard (requiring 70% effective field of view) by boasting a 91.3% effective field of view. High heat resistance, low profile orinasal enhancing field of view, and a five-point head harness giving an extra secure fit.

How to select the right sized mask:
  • Firstly, use any convenient measuring tool to measure the distance from the bridge of your nose to the tip of your chin. (Do not follow the contour of the nose as this will give you incorrect measurements)
  • Secondly, plot your measurements on the graph below to find the best mask fit.

Sizing chart available

The seal on these masks can only work effectively if the user is clean-shaven.

Compliant with EN136:1998

Comes in Medium or Large:
  • Medium Pt No: 1600-001-P00002-CL2
  • Large Pt No: 1600-001-P00003-CL2



HSE Weld-Fume Extraction Expectations have changed as of February 2019. This is due to new evidence of a causal relationship between welding fumes and lung-cancer cases, along with other serious breathing ailments.

As a result, it has become a government requirement for any company dealing in indoor welding to supply suitable fume extraction to protect their employees. This can be either a built-in or on-equipment fume extractor, or appropriate respiratory Protective Personal Equipment.

(Even if you do have built-in or on-equipment fume extraction, it may not provide adequate safety. In these cases, it is required by HSE that you provide Respiratory Protection PPE to employees, such as these masks.)

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