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Copper TIG Brazing Wire 1.6mm C9

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  • High Tensile Strength
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • Variety of Diameters Available
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BS 2901 1990 Pt3 C9 CuSi3

Copper TIG brazing wire 1.6mm available as 1kg (loose), 2.5kg (loose) or 5kg (Packaged).  Constructed from Silicon (3%) and manganese (1%) and copper (balance). Use these TIG rods for joining copper, bronze, brass and other base materials of similar composition.  In addition, use this brazing filler wire for surfacing steel, plus dissimilar applications.  Due to the unique chemical composition of these rods they are highly resistant to the effects of corrosion. This  providing longevity of the finished join.

Furthermore, Copper brazing rods have excellent mechanical properties. Such as high tensile and shear strength, as a result they can withstand significant forces without failing, breaking or compromising structural integrity.  These rods have a lower melting point which as a result produces minimal fumes and smoke during the brazing process.  Making them a safer option for operatives and the working environment.


Suitable for all welding positions (see below).  The key benefits include excellent corrosion resistance even in harsh environments.  Good mechanical properties which provides high tensile and shear strength ensuring resistance to the possibility of cracking or failing. Lower melting point resulting in the reduced production of unwanted fumes and smoke. Conforms to standards EN14640 Cu 6560 and BS 2901 C9. Constructed from 3% Silicon, 1% Manganese and the balance of Copper in keeping with the standard Cu6560 (CuSi3Mn1). Suitable to be used with galvanised steel.


SIFSILCOPPER Brazing Rods - Welding Positions


Copper TIG Brazing Wire is suitable for use in numerous applications including but not limited to heating and ventilation industries, ship building/offshore and tubular product fabrication.  These rods are also used in sculpture repair.  Moreover they are often used in the plumbing industry where stresses such as high pressures and vibrations which may affect the structure of important joints.

Use Copper TIG rods with Oxy/Acetylene for the fusion of copper alloys with brass.  Furthermore an Oxy/Acetylene flame should be slightly oxidising. This is recommended as higher levels of oxygen can be helpful when brazing difficult metals.  However this process can have adverse effects if not used correctly.  It is therefore important materials are cleaned prior to welding. It is also advisable to avoid overheating during the welding process, as this could result in compromising the integrity of the join.

  • 1.2mm
  • 1.6mm
  • 2.4mm
  • 3.2mm

These diameters are available in pack sizes of 1kg (Loose), 2.5kg (Loose) and 5kg (Packaged).


Constructed from 3% Silicon (Si), 1% Manganese (Mn) and Copper (Cu) making up the balance.


C9 Copper TIG Welding Rods - Mechanical Properties

Brazing Vs Welding

The first key difference between brazing and welding is in brazing the base materials being joined are not melted, only the filler wire. Conversely in the welding process the base materials are penetrated. This reason being that during the welding process temperatures reached are higher than the base materials melting point.  In brazing it is the opposite, temperatures reached are lower than the melting point of the base materials thus avoiding penetration.

While there is no need to change the consumables in your torch when brazing or welding, there maybe a requirement for changing the settings on your welding machine e.g. voltage control, wire feed speed and/or gas cylinder settings in order to accommodate any differences encountered when using brazing filler material.

Shielding Gas: Pure Argon 15-20lpm (Litres Per Minute)

TIG Welding Current DC: =+

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Please allow 2-3 working for delivery.

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Pack Size

1Kg (Loose), 2.5Kg (Loose), 5Kg (Pack)


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