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Cebora WIN-TIG AC-DC 340T TIG Welder

£7,000.00 ex VAT

Further Reductions Available On Request 01276 505012

  • Current Range: 3 – 340A
  • 400V 3Ph
  • Weight: 109 Kg


Cebora WIN-TIG AC-DC 340T TIG Inverter Welder


The Cebora WIN-TIG AC-DC 340T is a compact three-phase power source for AC-DC MMA and TIG welding, with setting controlled via an elegant and modern 7-inch LCD touchscreen display.  Fitted with a water cooler as standard for optimum torch cooling, allowing use of a physically smaller torch for decreased fatigue and increased dexterity.


Remote control and data backup available on this machine.

A wealth of functions available, including:

  • EVO LIFT allowing for the electrode to be placed in the exact position for a precise arc, which deters oxidation and optimizes heat control.
  • APC TIG (Active Power Control) welding process guarantees a deeper penetration, a more stable arc, reduces the chance of the electrode getting stuck to the piece, and allows the arc to adapt to the welding conditions with only the torch movement.
  • Intermittence Pause Time Welding function allowing for more consistent welding beads thanks to a time regulator, accurate to within a second.
  • JOB function able to save up to 9 individual welding programs, ideal for if you have to regularly switch between different materials and material thicknesses.
  • eXtra Pulse (XP) function controls a high frequency pulse that works well on smaller gauge materials to maintain heat transference to ensure you don’t burn through the material.
  • Wiz function which helps the operator make quick selections based on the welding process.


Cebora WIN-TIG AC-DC 340T Inverter Welder features:
  • Inverter Power Source PFC
  • Pulsed Arc
  • Trolley
  • LCD Colour Display
  • Generator Compatible
  • APC (Active Power Control)
  • 2T/4T/3L
  • EVO Start
  • Pulse XP
  • AC Frequency Control
  • AC Balance Control
  • Wave Form Adjustment
  • Rapid Tack
  • Pre/Post Gas Time
  • Pre/Post Current Time
  • Slope up/Slope down
  • Complete Pulse Adjustment
  • Job Saving
  • Water Cooled as Standard (340T and 450T Models Only)


Optional: GRV12 Water Cooling Unit (ART1683 – Available Only For 270T), Remote Control (ART187), Extension Cable (ART1192), Foot Control (ART193), TIG Foot Control Adaptor (ART1180), MMA Accessories Kit (ART1284.05), TIG Torch, Remote Control Digibox Panel (ART439), Remote Panel Connection (ART2065), Gas Flow Regulation Kit (ART436), Power Source Calibration (ART803 – On Request), T-LINK (ART434)

Dimensions: 588 x1120 x1010 mm


Art. 395 Technical Specifications
400 V 50/60 Hz
± 15%
Three-phase input
16 A 20 A Fuse rating (slow blow)
11,3 kVA 40%
10,3 kVA 60%
9,7 kVA 100%
13,1 kVA 40%
12,1 kVA 60%
11,5 kVA 100%
Input power
3 ÷ 340 A 10 ÷ 310 A Current adjustment range
340 A 40%
320 A 60%
310 A 100%
310 A 40%
290 A 60%
280 A 100%
Duty Cycle (10 min.40°C)
According to IEC 60974-1
IP23S Protection class
109 kg Weight
588x1120x1010 mm Dimensions (WxLxH)


Cebora TIG welders are made in Italy.

Back up in the UK is supplied by the UK branch of Cebora.

If you would like a demonstration of this machine, it can be arranged.