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Cebora TIG Sound 3241/T DC Welder

Price on Application

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  • Current Range: 5 – 280 Amps
  • Three Phase
  • Weight: 79.5 Kg



The CEBORA TIG SOUND 3241/T DC is a three-phase (MULTI-VOLTAGE) inverter power source for TIG Welding and MMA-SMAW use.
The machine may work with pulsed arc, for use also on thin workpieces where heat transfer must be minimal.
The power source is set up for remote control via the foot control, remote control unit or up-down control on the torch.
In TIG mode, the arc is started either in high voltage/high frequency or by contact with the Cebora lift system.

The CEBORA TIG Sound DC 3241/T is one of the TIG welders with the worldwide reputation for innovative technological concepts and reliability. For example, this particular model comes with a water cooled torch, together with a tunnel design which provides an exceptional cooling efficiency.

The control panel has several advanced features such as the digital ammeter and voltmeter display.  This unit has a spot time welder, hot start and arc force, pre and post flow gas functions and a high frequency or lift ignition.  It also has the capacity to store up to nine welding programs that can be saved in the memory bank.
Additional Extras available:
  • Remote control



missing image file 208-220-230V
50/60 Hz
50/60 Hz
50/60 Hz
50/60 Hz
Three phase input
missing image file 16 A 16 A 20 A 16 A Fuse rating (slow blow)
missing image file 7,8 KVA 35%
6,4 KVA 60%
5,4 KVA 100%
9,6 KVA 40%
7,8 KVA 60%
6,6 KVA 100%
9,3 KVA 33%
7,3 KVA 60%
6,4 KVA 100%
11,5 KVA 40%
9,3 KVA 60%
7,8 KVA 100%
Input power
campo di regolazione corrente 5A ÷ 280A 5A ÷ 320A 10A ÷ 240A 10A ÷ 280A Current adjustment range
missing image file 280A 35%
245A 60%
220A 100%
320A 40%
280A 60%
250A 100%
240A 35%
200A 60%
180A 100%
280A 40%
240A 60%
210A 100%
Duty Cycle, (10 min.40°C)
according to EN 60974.1
missing image file IP 23 S Protection class
missing image file 79,5 Kg Weight
missing image file 705x1060x975H Dimensions mm


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