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Cebora Synstar 330TS MIG Pulse / Double Pulse Welder

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  • Current range: 15 – 330 A
  • 3Ph Power supply
  • Weight: 82Kg


Cebora Synstar 330TS Inverter Welder

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The Cebora Synstar 330TS MIG Welder is a multifunctional power supply capable of delivering excellent welding characteristics for MIG/MAG, DC TIG and MMA. Benefitting from a separate wire feed unit, the 330 TS unit allows the user to take the MIG wire feed unit to the job, leaving the power source away from spatter and dust.

Over 70 innovative programs preloaded for wires Ø 0,8/0,9/1,0/1,2mm, and pulsed/double pulsed synergic programs optimized for welding all kinds of material thicknesses.

Pulse and double pulse functionality helps reduce post weld clean up by reducing spatter and increasing productivity.  Furthermore, increased control of heat in the weld puddle can prevent warping and burn through of thin metals.

All functions adjustable via a modern, user-friendly 5” LCD colour Display Touchscreen, including:
  • Arc Length, 2/4 strokes, Spot Time, Pause Time, Inductance, Burn Back, Soft Start, post-pre gas, etc.
  • SHORT or PULSE function
  • Three important specific functions dedicated to optimal aluminium welding (3 levels, Automatic Hot Start, Automatic Crater Filler)

Cebora Synstar 330TS MIG comes with an optional pulse TIG upgrade – perfect for TIG welding of thin materials where pulse can provide greater control of weld puddle heat input.  Also, a second gas connection and additional dedicated solenoid valve when switching the inverter for TIG mode.  Automatic gas delivery for TIG rather than needing a manual valved torch like many “multi function” MIG welders.

Able to connect wirelessly to a welding mask with an auto-darkening filter (when used with the optional Cebora T-Link welding helmet- please ask for details). The Synstar’s firmware can be updated through a USB port.

The Cebora Synstar 330 TC MIG Welder can handle delicate aluminium welding by use of a 4-roller-wire feed unit. Furthermore, longer MIG torches can be used for increased reach where required.

Move the unit with ease by use of an equipped power supply trolley. Able to take an optional water-cooling unit.

Dimensions: 510 x1022 x1330 mm

Wire spool capabilities: Ø 300 mm/15 kg

  • 15 Kg Spool Holder
  • 2T/4T trigger latching
  • Spot Timer
  • Stitch Timer
  • Soft Start
  • Pre/Post Gas
  • Burn Back
  • Adjustable Inductance
  • Software Updates
  • Flux Cored Wire compatible
  • 3L 3Levels
  • MIG Brazing
  • 4 Roll Feeder
  • Synergic Mode
  • Pulsed MIG Welding
  • Double Pulsed MIG Welding
  • DC TIG Welding
  • DC MMA Welding
  • Ready for Air Cooled Push/Pull Torch ART 2003
  • Hot Start
  • Crater Fill
  • PFC Compliant (EN-61000-3-12)


Package Includes: 3.5 Metre Earth Return

Optional: MIG Torch, TIG Torch, GRV14 Water Cooling Unit (ART1681), 4 Metre Air Cooled Push/Pull Torch (ART2003), Upgrade to Pulsed TIG Function (ART234), T-Link (ART434), Welding Data Logger (ART408), Welding Data Interface (ART429), 5 Metre Extension Lead for Data Logger (ART2050)



Would you like a demonstration?  Feel free to let us know and we can arrange a mutually suitable time.

Art. 388 Technical Specifications
400 V 50/60 Hz
+15% / -20%
Three phase input
16 A Fuse rating (slow blow)
12,4 kVA 40%
10,8 kVA 60%
9,2 kVA 100%
11,6 kVA 40%
10,2 kVA 60%
9,3 kVA 100%
Input power
15 ÷ 330 A Min.-max. current that can be obtained in welding
330 A 40%
300 A 60%
270 A 100%
300 A 40%
270 A 60%
250 A 100%
Duty Cycle (10 min.40°C)
According to IEC 60974-1
Electronic Stepless regulation
Fe (0,8/0,9/1,0/1,2)
Al (0,8/0,9/1,0/1,2)
Inox (0,8/0,9/1,0/1,2)
CuAI8 (0,8/1,0) (AIBz8)
Standard supplied synergic programs
Ø 300 mm/15 kg Max. wire spool size
IP23S Protection class
82 kg Weight
510x1022x1330 mm Dimensions (WxLxH)