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Cebora Plasma Sound PC 110T Plasma Cutter

£3,800.00 ex VAT

Further Reductions Available On Request 01276 505012

  • Clean cut up to: 40mm
  • 400V 3Ph
  • Weight: 34 Kg


Cebora Sound PC 110T Plasma Cutter


The Cebora Plasma Sound PC 110/T is a three-phase multi-voltage power source with On-Air ignition and an Automatic Voltage Supply Detection system. Controlled via a modern 5-inch LCD Control Display. Set cutting parameters with synergic programs – input material type and amperage and the machine will show the cutting thickness recommended.

Automatic function available to detect the torch type/length and the wearing out of consumables. It can also do work on painted and coated metal surfaces thanks to the Pilot Arc Operating Mode.

Equipped with a Post-Gas function which can reduce the stress on components and extend the life of consumables by cooling the torch after arc shut-off.

HF (High Frequency) high voltage arc ignition ensures a safe pilot arc start.

Capable of gouging 10.1Kg of material per hour.

Power source capable of running from an engine-driven generator of appropriate power.


Thickness on mild steel:
  • 35 mm: quality & productivity cutting
  • 40 mm: maximum thickness
  • 50 mm: severance
  • 20 mm: pierce capacity


Cebora Plasma Sound 110/T Features:
  • On Air Ignition
  • Electronic Regulation
  • Arc Control
  • Drag Cut Technology
  • Generator Compatible
  • Consumables Worn Out Detection
  • Synergic Parameter Setting
  • Torch Type and Length Detection
  • Pilot Self Restart Function
  • LCD Control Panel
  • I/O for Automation


Package includes: Cebora CP162C 6 Metre Hand Torch, 4 Metre Work Return Lead

Optional: Trolley (ART1670), Wheeled Circle/Straight Line Guide (ART407), Wheeled Torch Holder for ART162 (ART406), Cebora CP62C Hand Torch 15 Metre (ART1631.15), CP162C Profile Machine Torch with Central Adapter 6 Metre (ART1632), Cebora CP162C Profile Machine Torch with Central Adapter 15m (ART1632.15), Analogue Interface for Use with Pantographs (ART441)

Dimensions: 297 x 504 x 558



Art. 336 Technical Specifications S CE
missing image file 208/220/230V
50/60 Hz
± 10%
50/60 Hz
± 10%
Three phase input
missing image file 32 A 25 A Fuse rating (slow blow)
missing image file 15 kVA     35%
11,9 kVA  60%
11 kVA   100%
20,5 kVA      50%
 kVA      60%
15,5 kVA    100%
Input power
campo di regolazione corrente 20A ÷ 80A 20A ÷ 110A Current adjustment range
missing image file 80A           35%
65A           60%
60A         100%
110A        50%
95A          60%
90A        100% 
Duty Cycle (10 min.40°C)
According to IEC 60974-1
Regolazione continua ELECTRONIC Stepless regulation
35-40-(50) mm
1-3/8” – 1-1/2” – (2”)
Thickness on steel: Recommended -Max – (Severance)
250 l/min @ 5,5 bar Air consumption
missing image file IP23S Protection class
missing image file 34 Kg Weight
missing image file 297x504x558 Dimensions (WxLxH)



Like all plasma cutters, the key to getting optimal cutting performance and consumable longevity is to supply the machine with clean, dry air.  If your air compressor isn’t already equipped with a filter or air drier, check out the link below.