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Cebora KINGSTAR 400 TS MIG Inverter Welder

£5,100.00 ex VAT

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  • Current: 10 – 400 Amps
  • 400V 3Ph
  • Weight: 120 Kg


Cebora KINGSTAR 400 TS Inverter Welder

The Cebora Kingstar 400TS MIG is a multi-process three phase inverter and power supply, compatible for MIG/MAG, DC TIG (Cebora Lift ignition) and MMA welding.  With an amperage range of 10 – 400A, these MIG inverters are equally suited to welding thin car panels as they are welding up heavy gauge materials.  With a whole range of downloadable software updates the Cebora Kingstar series can be fine tuned to suit your welding application.  Spatter reduction and pulse/double pulse options for decreased post weld clean up and increased productivity to name a few.


Equipped with a modern, 7” LCD touchscreen display for intuitive control.

A dedicated connection compatible for a standard TIG torch which utilises the in built solenoid valve makes this a true multi process machine.

Modern USB port for easy software updates and diagnostic capabilities. Comes with a transportation trolley, ground lead and clamp. ( 3,5 m – 70 mm2 ).

A separate Cebora 4-roller-wire feed unit (Ø 37 mm) allows for the use of longer MIG torches or softer wires.

Set up to take an optional water-cooling unit. Unsightly welding spatter is a thing of the past with the optional pre-loaded SRS (Spatter Reduction System) standard welding process.

Fitted for remote control via a PC (Personal Computer), tablet or smartphone.

System calibration procedure which allows complete adjustment of all welding parameters and process variables (from the features of the welding torch, to the extension lead between the transport trolley and the power source).

Cebora has its own collection of standard welding specifications (SWPS – Welding Procedure Specification) available to its customers, which is set out to cover most welding applications and supported by procedure qualification certificates (WPQR – Welding Procedure Qualification Record) as laid down in the EN 1090 standard.


  • Turnkey solution for companies intending to facilitate and streamline their procedures
  • Saves time and money
  • Once the package is installed, the SWPS program can be selected in a few seconds from the TOUCHSCREEN panel
  • Easy and comprehensible detailed documentation within easy reach
  • Compatible with multi-process machines KINGSTAR 400 and 520 TS


Cebora KINGSTAR 400TS Features include:
  • 4 Roll Feeder
  • Colour Code Feed Rollers
  • LCD Touchscreen
  • Synergic Mode
  • MIG HD
  • MIG Route
  • Pulse HD
  • Double Pulse HD
  • Burn Back
  • Adjustable Inductance
  • LAN Connection for Remote Diagnostics
  • Spot Timer
  • Stitch Timer
  • Pre/Post Gas
  • 2T/4T
  • 3L 3Levels
  • Hot Start
  • Crater Fill
  • PFC Compliant (EN-61000-3-12)
  • Industry 4.0 Compliant
  • System Calibration


Package Includes: 3.5 Metre Earth Return, 1.5 Metre Interconnecting Lead

Optional: GRV12 Water Cooling Unit (ART1683), SRS Spatter Reduction System (ART443), Upgrade to Pulse Function (ART231), Upgrade to Double Pulse (ART233), Upgrade to Full TIG Function (Pulse TIG XP/APC/EVO START ART804), Upgrade Welding Procedure Specifications (ART808), 5 Metre Interconnecting Cable (ART2061), 10 Metre Interconnecting Cable (ART2061.10), T-LINK (ART434), Wire Feeder MIG Digibox Panel Mounting Kit (ART437)


Art. 372 Techinal Specifications
400 V 50/60 Hz
+15% / -20%
Three phase input
20 A Fuse rating (slow blow)
18,8 kVA 40%
16,4 kVA 60%
14,2 kVA 100%
17,7 kVA 40%
15,8 kVA 60%
15,3 kVA 100%
Input power
10 ÷ 400 A Min.-max. current that can be obtained in welding
400 A 40%
370 A 60%
340 A 100%
380 A 40%
350 A 60%
330 A 100%
Duty Cycle (10 min.40°C)
According to IEC 60974-1
Electronic Stepless regulation
Fe 0,8/0,9/1,0/1,2/1,6 
Al 0,9/1,0/1,2/1,6 
Inox 0,8/0,9/1,0/1,2/1,6 
Cu-Si 3% 0,8/0,9/1,0/1,2 
Cu-Al8 (AlBz8) Cored 0,8/1,0/1,2/1,6 
Wire sizes that can be used
Ø 300 mm/15 kg Max. wire spool size
Ø 1,5 ÷ 6,0 Electrodes that can be used
IP23S Protection class
120 kg Weight
588x1120x1380 mm Dimensions (WxLxH)