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Cebora Evo 160 M Combi; MIG-MAG Compact

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  • Current Range: 28 – 160 Amps
  • Single Phase
  • Weight: 29 Kg


Cebora Evo 160 M Combi; MIG-MAG Compact

The Cebora EVO 160 M Combi MIG welding power source is renowned for its extraordinary reliability.  The most popular in the range, the 160M is a transformer based machine which is tried and tested technology, proven to give long service life.  Basic step regulated voltage control and fully variable wire feed speed adjustability make setting parameters easy.

Suitable for vehicle repair, maintenance and small manufacturing industries, the Cebora Evo 160 M is a single phase power source designed for MIG-MAG and flux cored wire welding (5 Kg. coils diameter 200mm).

A “no-gas” option makes it a perfect machine for on-site works where cylinders are inconvenient to use and where weather conditions are a consideration.

7 welding current positions selectable from the power source.


Supplied with a 3 m Cebora torch and with the standard 2 year parts and labour warranty.

Complies with EN 61000-3-12.


Art. 495 Specifications
230V 50/60 Hz
± 10%
Single phase input
16 A Fuse rating (slow blow)
4,6 KVA 20%
2,1 KVA 60%
1,5 KVA 100%
Input power
28A ÷ 160A Min.-max. current that can be obtained in welding
120A 20%
70A 60%
55A 100%
Duty Cycle (10 min.40°C)
According to IEC 60974.1
1×7 Number of regulation steps
0,6/0,8 Solid
0,9 Cored
Wire size that can be used
Ø 200 mm /5 Kg Max. wire spool size
IP 21 S Protection class
29 Kg Weight
395x690x531H Dimensions mm


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